Hong Kong Spring Lantern Show: Smart Lighting, Plant Lighting, Etc

- Jun 12, 2019-

From April 6 to 9, the Hong Kong international lighting fair was held at the Hong Kong convention and exhibition centre.What are the attractions of this spring lantern show?The class representative is going to summarize this for you.


Compared with the autumn lantern show, the spring lantern show is much smaller, but we can still see the shadow of some familiar enterprises.Such as wood linsen, maoshuo electronics, fang dazhi control, sunshine lighting, guangming source, shun zhou technology, kaiyao and so on.

In addition to familiar enterprises, some exhibitors also brought us some interesting products.

1.I have to say intelligence

This spring lantern show, intelligence is still the biggest theme.In the prominent position of the exhibition hall, we can see the intelligent lighting solutions exhibited by graffiti intelligence, jingfengmingyuan, jinxing software, broadlink, witcloud and so on, showing the buyers a variety of new intelligent lighting systems, drivers, lamps and various application scenarios.

  • Talk about jingfengmingyuan.

In this spring lantern exhibition, jingfengmingyuan, together with Tmall spirit AI alliance, participated for the first time, bringing a full series of intelligent lighting schemes such as intelligent lighting switch drive.

With its steady delivery, delivery and quality assurance, over 11 billion LED lights have been lit in the past decade.In the era of intelligent lighting, JMC also provides customers with better power drive: low standby power consumption, support 1%-100% PWM dimming, fast start of low brightness, compatible with SCR dimmers, etc.

Smart drivers accounted for about 1 percent of the company's shipments in 2018, but in the first quarter of 2019, the year-on-year growth has reached five times. Smart lighting is expected in the future.

  •                                                              Photo: GizWits (English)

Like doodle and broadlink, smart cloud is a third-party Internet of things platform that helps lighting companies make their products smarter.It is understood that at present tact cloud has reached a cooperation with 60% of household appliances enterprises, can quickly realize the intelligent household appliances category.

In addition, in the "Asian lighting conference 2019" on June 6, experts from the industry and enterprises, including OSRAM, yellow, illumination Physics, Tridonic, bluetooth technology alliance, also discussed the technical problems, daily applications and industry trends of intelligent lighting.


  • 2.Interesting little product

Mr DIMON technology


A company specializing in providing intelligent lighting solutions for factories, warehouses, stadiums, subways and other engineering projects.With zigbee technology, its solutions have been successfully applied in many countries around the world in the past few years.

What if the control protocol is not uniform?What if you want to change the control mode?

DIMON technologies offers a transition from DALI control to zigbee control.It is unique, according to DIMON.

TopRight: third generation luminescent material OEL

In 2017, osram launched fabric lighting and security products. This safety vest is equipped with osram active LED lighting equipment, which is battery-powered through USB port, can be washed in industrial-grade washing machines, and is heat resistant.It can provide better visibility for workers, thus enhancing safety in daily work such as construction site or road traffic.


Different from osram LED safety vest, TopRight exhibited its luminous material OEL application at the exhibition, including safety vest, fashion, automotive beauty, entertainment interaction and other scenes.

3.More and more plant lighting

  • This year's spring lantern show, plant lighting is also a highlight.

  • During our visit to the exhibition, we can see that the plant lighting exhibitors are very popular with European and American customers.

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  • Huahui lighting, full spectrum of plant lamp beads, products including wall plant lights, outdoor greenhouse planting lights, light, according to the growth cycle of plants.

  • A few families plant lamp, plant ark.

In this Hong Kong spring lantern fair, there are various delegations from China henglan, zhongshan xiaolan and other major exhibition groups coming to participate in the exhibition. Alibaba international station also participated for the first time, bringing excellent suppliers on the platform to display the latest lighting products, helping them to face the broader market.