How Can LED Advertising Machine Counter Attack In The Construction Boom Of Smart City

- Apr 10, 2019-

If smart city was just a concept ten years ago, now smart city has become an inevitable product under the background of rapid development of urban construction.
Since the ministry of housing and urban-rural development launched the pilot work of national smart cities in 2012, smart cities have attracted the attention of governments all over the world. Not long ago, the outline of the development plan for the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area was issued by the central committee of the communist party of China and the state council.It can be predicted that in the next few years, China will set off a new round of construction boom of smart cities.

Smart cities have obviously become another multi-billion market after the Internet. According to the research institute's prediction, the market size of smart cities in China will exceed 6 trillion yuan in 2017, with an average annual compound growth rate of 32.64% in the next five years, and the market size will reach 18.7 trillion yuan in 2021.At present, the annual investment of smart cities in China is growing at a rapid rate and has entered a period of comprehensive outbreak.This is undoubtedly an opportunity that cannot be missed for LED display enterprises. Faced with such a strong development trend, major LED screen enterprises focus on increasing the development and investment of smart city solution products.In addition to the LED small spacing display become a hot spot, LED advertising machine is also followed by the opportunity to become the focus of the market, leading to the layout of major enterprises.What are the advantages of LED advertising machines that can take the lead in the boom of smart cities?

Advertisement machine market grows fast demand rises substantially

In 2018, the advertising machine market in mainland China will see a "once-in-a-decade" rapid growth.According to relevant data, the overall market size of advertising machine in 2018 achieved rapid growth, with the sales volume of 2.738 million units, up 162.3% year on year, and the sales volume reached 6.79 billion yuan, up 55.6% year on year.Among them, due to the influence of elevator media, the demand of indoor market increased significantly, with 2.721 million units shipped, up 164.6% year on year.The outdoor market posted a small increase, with 16,500 units shipped, up 9.2 percent year-on-year.There are two main driving forces for the rapid growth of the advertising machine market in 2018. One is the growth of the elevator advertising market, which accelerates the demand for the elevator advertising machine.Second, the growing demand for commercial real estate and cultural and tourism markets has led to a boom in the market for advertising machines, both large and small screens.It is estimated that the rapid development of the advertising machine market can maintain at least 3 ~ 5 years.

As a new media advertising machine, with its rapid growth trend became a beautiful scenery line of advertising, advertising machine application scope is extremely widespread, the health care industry, the retail chain industry, hotel industry, the financial industry, transportation industry, etc., from life tools to high-tech fields, advertising machine can be seen.Some screen in industry enterprise with certain advertising machine "differentiation" this piece, and have launched many LED advertising machine products, each has its advantages such as: LED 3 d advertising machine, small spacing, VR advertising machine, etc., of course according to the price of the equipment itself and all sorts of differential design cost determines their prices are high, the future with LED advertising machine cost further reduce, LED advertising machine in the market will be more rapid popularization.

LED advertising machine technology mature advantages highlighted as "new favorite"

As traditional advertising machine market leading role, LCD advertising machine occupies the mainstream market position, but can be seen through data, LCD advertising machine, the main market mainly concentrated in the indoor outside together account for less than 0.5%, the main reason is the brightness of the traditional LCD advertising machine can only do within 3000 CD, from basic brightness is amounted to less than 4000, and the price is high, thus inhibiting the outdoor advertising machine market demand.In fact, LCD advertising machine is mainly used for indoor, the advantages are hd, cheap, power consumption is not high, the disadvantage is that the brightness is less than 1000CD, the area is not large.Therefore, when used for outdoor not only the area is not large, but also forced to increase the brightness to 3000CD, need to add backlight, so as to cause electricity consumption explosion, sometimes also add air conditioning, so that the body in the thickness, beauty is difficult to reflect, not only the total cost also explosion, also often crash, life generally not more than 3 years.

LED advertising machine is just the opposite, outdoor advertising machine clarity requirements are not too high, but the brightness requirements are very high, LED advertising machine can do 7000CD, the average power consumption is only 300W/square, the area can do very big, service life and stability is far better than LCD advertising machine.Before this, outdoor advertising machine has its just need, but at that time there is no suitable product, LED advertising machine precision is not up to, wireless intelligent control system is not mature.Until recent years, LED display precision can be achieved P2.38, P2.94, P3.84, enough for small area of the intelligent advertising machine, coupled with LED natural can do highlighting, energy saving and has a certain cost advantage, so after entering 2018, outdoor LED advertising machine market demand will also grow rapidly.The LED advertisement machine surpasses the traditional LCD advertisement machine to become the whole advertisement machine market "the new favorite".

Smart city becomes the next gold mine of LED advertising machine

As the wisdom of LED advertising machine technology and products, such as the solution to update constantly, wisdom city display terminal applications are becoming more common nowadays, LED advertising machine industry combined with urban ecological wisdom and wisdom city LED display terminal has been gradually widely used, in the field of traffic, intelligent monitoring, directing traffic light pole screen display application, such as in the field of new retail carry touch technology, voice recognition, face recognition, motion capture technology LED advertising machine products, encountered heavy rain forecast by urban wisdom system links display terminal, etc.Let LED advertising machine bring more possibilities to smart city terminal display.

Therefore, in order to better development of LED display in the development of the city under the wave of wisdom, for many LED enterprises, in addition to the security intelligence shows that the quality of the product, performance, etc, can better meet the market need, also need wisdom city terminal display screen companies to specific niche further, the combination of enterprise's value orientation, product innovation, marketing, this is the LED display enterprise to "wisdom city" transformation and innovation important options.

At present, with the content of the wisdom urban development demand is becoming more and more big, screen companies should follow The Times, the anticipation, the coming of the new formats, keen observation industry conveniently adjust enterprise development strategy, using the advantage of LED advertising machine significantly wisdom city area market, the enterprise brand, product, market and so on how to display products and solutions is more adapt to the trend of the development of the city layout again wisdom, and wisdom city combined with the new products, new technology, etc., to provide new momentum for industry, the industry with the development of the city to glow the new vitality, wisdomIt is believed that when the time comes for the smart city to erupt in the future, the market layout of LED advertising machine will be expanded again and again, and the outdoor display market will be further expanded.