In Order To Enhance The Quality Of Sleep For Residents, Crowne Plaza Hotel Trials Circadian Lighting

- Nov 08, 2019-

According to foreign media reports, CROWNE PLAZA is experimenting with day and night rhythm lighting to help its residents sleep better.

The hotel's owner, IHG, said its Atlanta airport hotel installed special stand-alone lights on the bedside cabinets for experimental research to see how the right spectrum can help guests “maximize” sleep.

It is reported that IHG cooperated with Lighting Science to try this technology. Lighting Science claims that its patented spectroscopy technology produces a spectrum of alertness and attention during the day, which is then easily converted to a warm, sleep-enhancing spectrum at night.

The luminaires tested have proprietary technology that adds and removes blue 480 nm wavelength light (which is considered to be the key wavelength of light affecting the circadian rhythm) for optimal bio-efficiency.

Guests can change the color of the lights in the room to blue, red, green, yellow or "active or relaxed".

Two dual-spectrum luminaires are installed in each room.

According to IHG, lighting can help regulate the body's circadian rhythm or 24-hour clock, which affects important biological functions such as sleep, hormone levels, body temperature and metabolism.