Indoor Lamps And Lanterns Match Beautiful Illume Opportunely Two Appropriate

- Sep 06, 2019-

Lamps of different shapes, colors and styles can bring different feelings to the interior. What kind of lamps are suitable for each room and every corner of the house? Let's take a look at how different spaces should be selected. The most clever way to match lamps.


Living room lighting, lighting interaction

Living room: The living room is the largest leisure and activity space in the family, and it is also an important place for family and friends to meet. Need to create a warm atmosphere, you can choose traditional ceiling lights or chandeliers. The lighting configuration of the living room usually uses the interaction of the main lighting and the auxiliary lighting, and can adjust the brightness and highlights to increase the indoor mood. But be sure to maintain a consistent overall style.

Entrance: The entrance is the place where people enter the room to give their first impression. Whether it is beautiful or suitable, it directly affects the quality of the whole house. Therefore, it should be prudent. There is no natural lighting for the entrance, and there should be enough artificial lighting. Install downlights, spotlights, or wall mounted lights near the entrance to improve lighting. Warm and cool lights can be used in the porch. Warm colors create warmth and cool colors are more refreshing. A stylish wall lamp, with a blank wall, is both decorative and illuminated, killing two birds with one stone.


Restaurant lighting, pay attention to visual beauty

Restaurant: The lighting of the restaurant requires soft, quiet, adequate brightness, and matches the table and chair tableware around it to create a visual aesthetic that enhances the appetite of the family. The function of lighting has a subtle connection with human taste and psychology, so it is especially important to select restaurant lighting. In the restaurant decoration, we often use hanging lamps to highlight the table, and use warm chandeliers to create a warm dining atmosphere. At the same time, it is necessary to set general lighting to make the whole room have a certain brightness, giving a clean and tidy feeling.

Kitchen: The color of the kitchen lamps should be moderate. It is better to use fluorescent lamps that keep the original colors of vegetables and fruits. The speciality of the kitchen determines the light is more practical and practical. Try not to dress too fancy. From the perspective of energy saving, there is no need to place too much. Lights can also be equipped with smart switches. In order to facilitate the housewife washing and cutting vegetables, it can be installed on the bathtub with a ceiling lamp or a built-in lamp to provide sufficient light, and a wall lamp or a track lamp can be installed in a place where special illumination is required.


The bathroom needs to be fully illuminated

Bathroom: The family bathroom needs to illuminate the soft light to set off a clean and refreshing atmosphere. The frequency of use of the lamp is high. Generally, the ceiling lamp should be selected as a whole. The overall lighting of the bathroom does not have to be too full, as long as there are a few key points. For example, separate lighting can be set beside the mirror, and the wall lamp can be installed on the mirror or wall of the wash basin. Our goal is to fully illuminate the key parts of each bathroom.

Bedroom: The bedroom belongs to a private space. In this space, you can do whatever you want. The layout should be based on the feeling of warmth, comfort and pleasure. There must be no feeling of oppression in the arrangement of the lights. The style of the main lamp should be consistent with the style of the entire bedroom, and the light should not be too strong or too white to prevent the bedroom from appearing dull. Warm yellow ceiling chandeliers can be used with appropriate shades to make the interior more romantic and comfortable. A downlight or a wall lamp can be embedded above the bedside, or a downlight can be embedded in the decorative cabinet to facilitate reading on the bed. Bedroom lighting is conducive to a quiet, gentle atmosphere, giving people a sense of security.


The study lighting is calm and quiet.

Study: The study is a private space next to the master bedroom. Inside, you can read, write, use your computer to check information, listen to music, think, or look forward to the future. Therefore, the atmosphere is calm and quiet, and the lighting should be soft. In addition, the lighting must meet the requirements to prevent eye fatigue and even myopia. If conditions permit, it is best to have an eye protection table lamp, because the eye protection table lamp not only solves the problem of incandescent light color reddish and low contrast, but also solves the eyesight damage caused by the energy saving lamp and the fluorescent lamp strobe.

Balcony: The balcony is usually a leisure area. Many people are busy for a day. Sitting on the balcony in the evening, it is obviously not enough to configure a ceiling lamp. Use some chandeliers, floor lamps and wall lamps to achieve unexpected effects. Poetic and artistic atmosphere. The warm atmosphere can be chosen from traditional ceiling or chandeliers. The lighting configuration of the living room usually uses the interaction of the main lighting and the auxiliary lighting, and can adjust the brightness and highlights to increase the indoor mood. But be sure to maintain a consistent overall style.