Innovation, Precipitation, Accurate Positioning - The Experience Of Home Lighting Companies

- Jul 15, 2019-

With the strong involvement of brands such as Mulinsen, Zhaochi Lighting, Jiuliang and Shilin Lighting in the field of home lighting, “home lighting” has once again become a hot topic in the industry. On July 18th, the big lighting "home lighting market is on the rise! Who can become the next "Op"?" After the release of the article, the industry has their own opinions. So what do companies think about this? In this issue, let's listen to what they say.

Anhui Shilin - Development of home lighting requires firm belief and innovation


Anhui Shilin Lighting Domestic Marketing Director Xie Bing

The market competition in various industries is very fierce. The difficulty of cutting new brands into home lighting is conceivable: first, it is a capital strength. Without the investment of funds, it is difficult to support the expansion; then product competition, such as invention Patents, utility models and appearance patents all require time to develop originally; third, it is difficult to guarantee the cost-effectiveness of products without scale.

Nowadays, the era of “profiteering” in the lighting industry has passed, so it is necessary to work hard to improve the cost-effectiveness of products. Of course, the development of new brands can also have their own tailor-made development, depending on how the new brand is precisely cut, how to grow and develop.

Recently, the WeChat friend circle popularized a fable story of "crow drinking water". It means that even the way the crows drink water has changed. If they don't want to be eliminated by the society, they must keep pace with the times, change their thinking and be brave in innovation. Enterprise innovation and decision-making are key. The development of strong brands and medium-sized brands depends on the innovation decisions of enterprises. In the future brand camp, I believe that the more professional the segment, the greater the share of sales.

The rising space of the domestic home lighting market should be a steady growth, and the home lighting industry has also achieved the full LED industry chain. Smart home, I personally think that it will become more and more popular like a smart phone. Of course, intelligent lighting also needs to combine people's lighting habits to ensure product quality, but also to further reduce costs and guide changes in consumer attitudes.

The competition in the lighting industry is intensifying. Lighting companies must recognize their own advantages, combine their own advantages, focus on development, and be brave in innovation so that they can maintain their combat effectiveness. At the same time, lighting companies must be convinced that if a company is in the middle of the road, it is difficult to make a breakthrough.

Long-term shares - there is precipitation, sustainable, in order to win the future


Liu Ridong, Deputy General Manager of Jiuliang Shares Home Lighting Division

Home lighting is a huge market "cake", many powerful brands are involved in the field of home lighting, in the future, the home lighting market competition will certainly be more intense. In the fierce market competition, enterprises with the following two conditions will have greater market opportunities: 1. Enterprises must have solid brand precipitation and product precipitation, providing excellent products and brand services for home users; Sustainability, so that manufacturers can work together to win the future.

As a strong brand in the field of mobile lighting, the company has been bringing high-quality products and services to the market for a long time. Now it has entered the field of home lighting. The long-term home lighting products will continue the excellent traditional genes, relying on strong R&D and innovation strength to bring high quality to users. Home lighting products.

At present, the long-term home lighting products have been serialized, including downlights, ceiling lamps, bulbs, lamps, sockets, etc. for home lighting. In the future, long-term home lighting will continue to expand product categories, including home lanterns. To provide more choices for home lighting products for the market.

We are very confident: in the next three years, we will make a long-term brand into the first-line brand in the field of hardware lighting: on the one hand, there is no strong first-line brand in the domestic hardware lighting field; on the other hand, the next 2-3 years Domestically, there will be huge demand for replacement of household products such as downlights and ceiling lamps.

Zhaochi Lighting - Industry concentration is still relatively low, there are still good opportunities for new brands


Director of Brand Management Department of Zhaochi Lighting

Throughout the development of lighting lighting, fierce competition has always been the main theme. In the past two years, due to the economic downturn, the industry has generally felt pressure to increase. However, in contrast to the period from 2013 to 2015, the current competition in the lighting industry is actually not at an all-time high.

Compared with other industry forms, the lighting industry is relatively primitive, so its historical period of growth will be longer. Analogy "adjustment period", "logarithmic period" and "platform period", then the lighting industry should be in the second half of the "logarithmic period".

From the data of the "Top 100 List" over the years, it can be clearly seen that the share of "big guys" is constantly expanding. However, on the whole, the concentration of the industry is still at a very low level, and the existing strong brands are far from being able to penetrate all aspects of all market segments. Compared with commercial lighting and circulation, the lighting industry is particularly evident. .

Many brands that did not belong to the first camp, such as Song Wei, Wu Guang Shi, Top Pearl, Otlan and other brands in recent years, continue to introduce new products, channels continue to expand and upgrade, the momentum is also very fierce. Industry competition has entered the "second half", we still have good opportunities, but it is obviously not the era of "everyone has a chance". For newcomers lacking resources and conditions, it is bound to be unable to withstand the strangulation of the amnesty in the field, or will gradually lose the qualification to enter the competition.

Existing strong brands can continue to maintain or even enhance their strong position under the premise of “no mistakes”. This conclusion should not be controversial. But as mentioned above, this does not mean that companies that have not yet established a strong position at this stage are destined to go into recession.

It is very important for enterprises to have a clear understanding of themselves and to develop their positioning. A large number of enterprises are drifting in the tide of the market, rushing to the north, and even facing the Qin and Chu, such enterprises are hard to become survivors in any competitive environment.