Intelligent Lighting Is Implemented In Campbell City, Silicon Valley, And The Parking Lot Becomes Intelligent.

- Feb 19, 2020-

According to foreign media reports, more and more towns are implementing smart lighting, ensuring proper lighting while saving energy, and the city of Campbel in silicon valley is no exception.

Integrated Device Technology, a unit of Renesas Electronics Corporation, is responsible for making one of the city's parking lots "smart".

The project began in June with four overhead lights in the staff car park at city hall, and soon expanded to six more in the adjacent police station car park.

The project will replace sodium vapor bulbs with more efficient, dimmable LED lights and use a weatherproof 6LoWPAN wireless mesh network module.

These modules are connected to the city's IT cloud infrastructure, and the city's IT staff can continuously monitor all lighting operations.

In addition, cities such as Cleveland are implementing smart lighting to improve energy efficiency and reap other benefits, such as improved citizen safety.

"Campbell city is the latest silicon valley city to recognize the many advantages of smart lighting, but it won't be the last," IDT sensor technology director Rudi Hechfellner said in a statement.

In fact, there are millions of lights around the world that can be converted to smart lighting quickly and easily and at low cost, while providing more energy-efficient solutions with more advanced features.

The city may also provide other functions for its smart lights, such as turning them on automatically when people approach the area.

This can be done in light using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that can distinguish people, animals and vehicles even in low light, rather than relying on clouds.

This ensures that lights provide immediate illumination without delay when data is first transferred to the cloud for processing and eventually an activation signal is sent.