Intelligent Lighting Market Tuyere Has Been Widely Used To High Quality Lamps

- Jun 16, 2019-

  • The development trend is good, the intelligent lighting market scale expands

In People's Daily production and life process, a variety of lamps and lanterns will be used, such as: incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp, gas discharge lamp, fluorescent lamp, etc.With the passage of time and the progress of technology, people also put forward many new requirements for the appearance design and built-in function of lighting fixtures.Intelligent lighting is popular with many consumers because it fits the current market demand and has many significant advantages.

According to the "intelligent lighting industry development prospects and investment strategic planning analysis report" released by qianzhan industry research institute, the global intelligent lighting market size was only 2.5 billion yuan in 2013.By 2017, the global smart lighting market size is 26 billion yuan.Among them, lamps and fittings account for about 30%.In the past two years, with the rise of the Internet of things, the intelligent lighting industry has also entered a rapid development stage.

Based on the Internet of things and artificial intelligence, with LED light source, wireless communication and intelligent sensing as the core, intelligent lighting has brought people a highly efficient, energy-saving, healthy and environmental protection lighting program.Especially in our country vigorously advocate environmental protection and resource conservation environment, the commercial value of intelligent lighting is more worthy of attention.In the future, intelligent lighting products will achieve multiple improvements in terms of ease of operation and functional diversity.

Cross-border cooperation is frequent and intelligent lighting technology is becoming more and more mature

In the era of "Internet of everything", every lighting enterprise needs to face up to the impact of cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence on the development of lighting industry.Nowadays, the intelligent lighting industry in foreign countries has begun to emerge, and domestic well-known lighting enterprises, based on the actual development of the industry, began to try in the research and development of intelligent lighting products, and committed to launch beautiful design, convenient use, efficient and energy-saving new products.

In recent years, xiaomi, haier, zte, jingdong, baidu, ali and other enterprises have begun to flood into the intelligent lighting market, some enterprises based on their own advantages in intelligent lighting product research and development, has launched a number of intelligent lighting products.On the one hand, the joining of many enterprises makes the intelligent lighting market increasingly fierce competition, on the other hand, it also promotes the technical exchange and cooperation between enterprises.

At present, some lighting enterprises have begun to establish positive cooperative relations with chip, sensor, cloud computing and other enterprises, so as to reduce the development cost of intelligent lighting products and improve the shortcomings of intelligent lighting products.Philip?Xiupersonalized lighting system and UIOT super intelligent home intelligent home system achieve seamless docking, can use remote control, mobile phone applications and other operating methods for linkage operation.

Innovation-driven, high-quality intelligent lighting is widely used

In fact, with the continuous improvement of power carrier communication technology, white light LED technology, embedded computer intelligent information processing technology, people's demand for white light LED light source quality is also increasingly high, from the initial simple pursuit of "high brightness" to take into account the color index, color temperature and other light color performance of "high quality".When developing intelligent lighting products, enterprises will pay more attention to product upgrading and technological innovation.In the fields of plants, exhibition, medical treatment and art, high-quality intelligent lighting has wide application space.For example, in the cultivation of rare plants, intelligent lighting fixtures can adjust the light according to the growth needs of plants.

The personage inside course of study points out, at present intelligent illume still just satisfied basic illume function only, the connection between with other intelligent system is not quite close enough, every action of intelligent illume lamp relies on user to send an instruction, and is not through interworking with other system, receive information, undertake reasonable action autonomously.Want to make intelligent illume lamps and lanterns develop its real value, still need the personage inside course of study to undertake exploring ceaselessly and effort.

Nowadays, with IOT technology as the core and intelligent lighting industry deeply integrated with new generation of information technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data, it has become a major direction for the development of the entire intelligent home industry.Intelligent lighting products with various technologies and functions are playing a very important role in the development of various industries.

In the final analysis, the ultimate goal of smart home is to solve the needs of "people". In the intelligent stage of the whole house, under various scenarios, all intelligent appliances will be united into a unified whole.At that time, intelligent lighting products will also bring more convenience and fun to people's lives.But all this realization, still needs certain time.