Intelligent Lighting, This Year Can Usher In The Real Market Outbreak?

- Jun 05, 2019-

With the accelerated penetration of artificial intelligence, Internet of things, communication and other technologies, lighting manufacturers continue to increase investment in the research and development, production and promotion of intelligent lighting products, and the application of intelligent lighting technology in the field of home has been continuously improved, "smart home" is even known as "the next trillion market".Under the promotion of smart home, smart lighting market emerges a blue ocean.

Throughout the domestic intelligent lighting market, oupu, laishi, foshan lighting, hongyan and other first-line lighting enterprises are also accelerating the layout of intelligent lighting.At present, how does the intelligent lighting market develop?Can a real market burst this year?This period, concern together!

Blue ocean is out! Smart lighting is booming this year?

As early as June 8, 2018, in the "2017 China LED lighting industry top 100" press conference, in China intelligent lighting industry peak BBS, a number of industry leaders reached a consensus on "2018 is the first year of intelligent lighting development".

That is to say, industry thinks commonly: intelligent illume has begun to enter comprehensive, thorough, thorough development, already bid farewell to before "small make a scene", walk into truly "dimensions fights" phase.

At that time, wang micheng, President of hongyan electronics, predicted: "the smart home market will usher in a big development in 2019. After years of in-depth research in the field of intelligent lighting, I realized that intelligent lighting is like a 'tie'. A tie is useless without a suit.Intelligent home is a suit, intelligent lighting is a tie, before intelligent lighting can not fall on the ground, is because the suit did not do well.

Intelligent home is a sunrise industry in the application of Internet of things.After years of market cultivation, coupled with the progress of key technologies and the improvement of industrial system, all of these have provided strong support for the development of the smart home industry.As the most important component of intelligent home, intelligent lighting is one of the development directions of future lighting.

It is reported that since the rise of intelligent lighting development in the 1990s, by technology iteration, consumer awareness, market environment, product price, promotion efforts and other aspects of the impact, has been relatively slow development.However, in recent years, with the development of technology, mature products, promotion by manufacturers and popularization of smart lighting concepts, the smart lighting market has been growing rapidly.

According to statistics from relevant research institutions, the global smart lighting market size in 2013 was only 2.5 billion yuan.Over the past five years, the global smart lighting market has grown in size year by year.By 2017, the global smart lighting market size is 26 billion yuan, of which lamps and accessories account for about 30%.It is estimated that the global smart lighting market will exceed 75 billion yuan in 2022, with an annual compound growth rate of more than 20%.

Among them, China's smart lighting market is growing rapidly, with the market size increasing from 1.9 billion yuan in 2005 to nearly 15 billion yuan in 2017, with an annual growth rate of about 25%. The market increment is accelerating, and it is expected to exceed 27 billion yuan in 2020.

It can be predicted that "intelligent lighting" has become the new blue ocean of the future market, and 2019 is expected to usher in more vigorous development.


                                                             Leishi lighting provides smart lighting solutions for Beijing expo

  • Heat up! Mainstream brands accelerate to grab the market?

The heat of intelligent lighting continues to climb, from a number of intelligent lighting enterprises in the market action can also be seen a little.From 2018 to May 2019, leishi lighting, opp lighting, foshan lighting, hongyan lighting and other mainstream brands have made frequent moves, and many second - and third-line lighting brands have been strongly integrated, hoping to seize the new wind mouth of intelligent lighting and seek greater development.

At the beginning of this year, wang donglei, chairman of raishi group, said publicly: "in 2019, 'globalization' and 'intelligence' will become the development trend of the lighting market.Intelligent lighting is a hot topic in the industry. In terms of intelligence, lighting enterprises should combine the Internet of things, big data and other innovations, promote the development and implementation of intelligent lighting through cross-border, so that intelligent lighting products and services can meet the needs of users in various market segments.In 2019, raishi group put forward a new strategic positioning -- the first brand of global intelligent lighting solution provider.

It is understood that in 2018, raishi group will further accelerate the development of intelligent lighting products, and raishi group intelligent research institute and alibaba artificial intelligence laboratory signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly develop a new generation of intelligent home solutions in the future.At present, reishi group has several sets of products added to the platform and is actively promoting intelligent voice technology to more products.The smart lighting solutions provided by raishi lighting have played a key role in the Beijing expo held on April 29, 2008.

Similarly, opp lighting is also fully committed to smart home furnishing, firmly adhering to the strategic development direction of smart lighting, focusing on lighting application, creating opp smart lighting ecological circle, and providing users with whole-house smart home solutions from single lamp intelligent control to scene-oriented.In addition, opp lighting has also made great achievements in the field of business intelligence lighting and smart city.On March 21 this year, opp revealed the "beyond what you can see" brand launch, opp also demonstrated the whole house smart home solutions, committed to providing consumers with intelligent, professional, healthy and high-quality life experience.

According to the 2018 annual report of opp lighting, the sales volume of opp intelligent lighting products (including intelligent control module) has accounted for more than 20% by the end of 2018.Opp said that 2019 will accelerate the application and promotion of intelligent products, technologies and services in various channels. On the one hand, continue to promote the iteration of technology platform to improve the maturity of bluetooth system;On the other hand, cross-border cooperation with other platform enterprises will be promoted in an orderly manner, so that more users can experience a better life brought by intelligent products.And so on.

In the face of the upgrading of consumer demand and industrial development and reform, foshan lighting has also accelerated the layout of smart products in new areas.In 2018, foshan lighting actively carried out cooperation with mainstream platforms at home and abroad, realized the docking of intelligent speakers and apps with multiple mainstream platforms at home and abroad, completed the development of intelligent control system "fozhao e-home" app, and realized the transformation from intelligent single product to intelligent solution.

Foshan lighting said that in 2019, it will continue to build new growth points for home lighting and smart lighting. The electrician sector will promote smart switches, smart sockets and other products through the home store channel.We will intensify the development of new products, accelerate the layout of intelligent lighting, and upgrade intelligent control technologies.

As the mainstream brands continue to accelerate the layout of intelligent lighting, second and third line lighting brands have followed up, have entered the field of intelligent lighting (home).For example, ebyron creates an "intelligent product circle" based on wireless kinetic energy switch to build an intelligent ecological chain;For example, aideo lighting accelerates the launch of smart home lighting products, and the sales performance of smart lighting reaches about 10% in 2018;And so on.

Market response! How bright is the future of smart lighting?

So, is the road ahead of intelligent lighting already bright and flowery?The answer is "not necessarily".

In these two years, not only leishi group, opu lighting, hongyan electric appliances, sanxiong aurora, foshan lighting and other lighting enterprises have accelerated the layout of intelligent lighting;Cross-border giants such as huawei, haier, zte, jingdong, baidu, ali, midea and xiaomi have also begun to enter the field of intelligent lighting (home).As intelligent lighting involves many fields such as lighting, control technology, sensor, artificial intelligence, speech recognition, industrial design and the Internet of things, it is difficult for a single enterprise to fully penetrate, and multi-format cross-border cooperation is bound to become an effective way to promote the development of intelligent lighting.

So, can lighting companies hold on to the best position of intelligent lighting?Can these mad crossovers win territory?This depends on whether intelligent lighting products can be truly accepted by consumers in the end of the market.

Indeed, in recent years, many intelligent lighting manufacturers have begun to increase the display of intelligent lighting products in physical stores, hoping to let consumers deeply feel intelligent lighting products in a way that "moistens things silently".But has the domestic market penetration reached a critical point enough to stimulate the smart lighting explosion?Whether does terminal businessman hold good attitude to promoting intelligent lighting product again?

As early as 2017, big lighting launched a market survey "how many percent of smart lighting market penetration rate?"At that time, 60 percent of respondents thought the "smart lighting market penetration rate was below 10 percent", compared with 73 percent in 2016.With the continuous cultivation of intelligent lighting market, it has become a consensus that the penetration rate of intelligent lighting market is continuing to deepen in the business group.

For example, Yang linbin, general manager of shandong ximan electronics, said that the future lighting market belongs to intelligent lighting, but for the current market situation, more market promotion and user guidance are needed.Lin guangsheng, a linyi agent, boldly predicts that in the next two years, the smart lighting industry will see a big outbreak, just as fast and crazy as the replacement of traditional phones by smart phones, and the smart lighting market is no exception.

It is generally believed in the industry that at present, the biggest obstacle to the development of intelligent lighting is mainly reflected in the limited cognitive level of consumers and the absence of industry standards. Consumers still have great room to improve their cognition of intelligent home products, and the market lacks of user education.Meanwhile, the smart home industry lacks a unified network protocol, making it difficult for products of different brands to achieve connectivity.

To this end, wang micheng, President of hongyan electric appliances, also pointed out: "for these problems, the industry has a relatively successful solution.For example, strengthen the connection with Internet and IoT enterprises to promote the construction of smart home systems;Offline smart home experience stores around the country to facilitate consumers' experience and understanding of smart home;Hand in hand with ecological chain partners, to create a smart home service system.

Various signs show that the domestic intelligent lighting market has ushered in the "spring", although the market share has the trend of concentration to the advantage brand, but so far has not formed a leading enterprise with absolute advantage.2019 is a year of great promise and challenges for the industry.For enterprises, driven by multiple driving forces such as technology, market and industry reform, the success of the smart home industry is foreseeable. Enterprises must seize the wind gap of intelligent lighting, in order to remain invincible in the increasingly fierce industry competition.

Higher-ups about

Wang donglei, chairman of leishi group: in 2019, "globalization" and "intelligence" will become the development trend of lighting market.Intelligent lighting is a topic in the industry. In terms of intelligence, lighting enterprises should combine the Internet of things, big data and other innovations, promote the development and implementation of intelligent lighting through crossover, and promote the implementation of specialization in each subdivision field, so as to meet the needs of users in each subdivision market with intelligent lighting products and services.

Wang micheng, President of hongyan electric appliances: the progress of IoT (Internet of things) technology and the younger age of home decoration users make intelligent products accepted by the market.In the era of real estate inventory with full installation delivery, real estate companies forced by transformation need to extend the life cycle of user services through smart home;Accordingly, household intelligence is the breakout path that the enterprise gets rid of industrial red sea certainly.

CAI hongbo, executive chairman of China (hardware) communication channel alliance and chairman of big lighting platform: the fourth industrial revolution has begun, and the core of this industrial revolution is "artificial intelligence and interconnection of everything".In the future, the Internet of things will flourish, and the entrance of the Internet of things may be in the lighting industry. I hope lighting enterprises can catch up with the trend, look for their own opportunities, and return to the center of the world stage.