Junior High School Students Have Won A Gold Medal At The British Invention Awards For Inventing LED Zebra Crossing

- Jul 31, 2019-

In order to be sympathetic to the elderly, the visually impaired and the "low-headed family" who loves to walk and slide the mobile phone, Deng Liwei, a second-year student of Mingdao Middle School in Taichung City, invented the "LED Zebra Line", which greatly improved safety.

Deng Liwei, who won the gold medal at the British Invention Exhibition with the "LED Zebra Line", turned the zebra crossing on the road into an LED device. In addition to the display of traffic lights, it will accelerate with the countdown. For the passers-by, it will be even more convenient.


Deng Liwei said that the invention is mainly intended to make pedestrians crossing the road safer, especially those with physical disabilities. This device will not only make pedestrians more aware of the lights but also positive People who want to cross the road can see more clearly.

Deng Liwei pointed out that in addition to the display of LED traffic lights, "LED zebra crossing", while pedestrians are waiting to cross the road, there are also music sound tips, so that visually impaired pedestrians are more secure in crossing the road. Currently, the works are being patented. I hope this The invention can pass through the world and benefit more people.

In addition, Deng Liwei also boarded the "Juvenile Edison" draft stage in mainland China, and stood out in the fierce competition of the preliminary competition. On the 21st, the finals will be held. Once the finals are awarded, they will have the opportunity to study at the South and Arctic scientific research stations.