Landscape Lighting Needs To Be Alert To Leakage And Burns

- Jul 09, 2019-

Landscape lamp shade leaks, child is electrocuted

Recently, Mr. Zhang and his wife took their daughter Han Han to learn the roller skating at the commercial street square of Nanhu·Fashion City in the East Lake High-tech Zone. At 20:30 that night, after the skating class, the wife was ready to change her shoes, so she picked up her daughter and put it on the stainless steel lampshade of the square landscape lamp. The lampshade was like a stool. When the wife touched the lampshade, she felt that she was charged. She quickly looked at the child and found that the child was lying on the lampshade without any reaction.

Mr. Zhang quickly hugged the child to a nearby clinic and was eventually taken to the hospital by 120 emergency personnel, but the result was that Mr. Zhang was extremely sad.


                                                              Leaky landscape lights

Mr. Zhang said that there are no warning signs on the landscape lampshade to warn them not to touch. As usual, there are other children sitting and playing.

After the incident, the Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter came to the square where the incident occurred, and the iron frame was placed around the leaking landscape lights. The iron frame was covered with plastic cloth. The landscape lights are in the shape of a flying saucer. The lampshades are made of stainless steel and have many small holes around them. There are a number of landscape lights on the square. There are signs of “electric hazard” on the multiple shades. However, the reporter found through the gap of the plastic cloth that there is no such sign on the leaky landscape lights.


                                         The picture shows that the incident has been blocked

Plaza Security said that they were also surprised by the death of their children. Why is the landscape light leaking? The staff of Nanhu·Fashion City property said that the relevant person in charge is not present. The reporter then left the phone, but as of press time, the relevant person in charge has not yet contacted the reporter.

Mr. Zhang said that because their husband and wife were married late, after his daughter was born, he and his wife regarded it as a bright pearl, and his wife resigned from his job and concentrated on bringing children at home. The daughter is also very lively and sensible. After he gets off work every day, his daughter will move to the small bench to let him sit down and change shoes, and he will ask him what color little bench he likes. On the 23rd of last month, my daughter passed her third birthday. I didn't expect to see her again now. "I haven't had time to love her."

After the incident, Mr. Zhang has reported the police. At present, the public security and other departments have been involved in the investigation.

Landscape lights are hot and easy to cause burns

In addition to this kind of lamp with landscape lamp, there is a lamp without a lampshade on the square. It is more: the landscape lamp.


Some reporters conducted tests in the vicinity of Quancheng Square and Henglong Plaza in Jinan City. They found that these floor lamps have a small footprint and are LED lights. The surface temperature of the brightness is between 36 °C and 39 °C. There is no feeling of heat.


In several squares in the Tianqiao District, the reporter tested the halogen floor lamps on the lawn, the temperature of which was above 50 °C, and the temperature of one of the lamps reached 63.5 °C.

Experimental results: The reporter experimented with the ground lights at various locations and found that the temperature of the LED ground lights is generally not high, while the halogen lamps are somewhat hot. In some incidents that cause severe burns, the temperature of the floor lamp typically exceeds 100 °C.


Through interviews with the surrounding citizens, we found that many people do not have too much understanding of the safety of the floor lamp, just because the brightness of the floor lamp is very high, and it is forbidden to approach the child to prevent the light from hurting the eyes. In July 2015, Ms. Sun from Wenzhou took her 2-year-old son to play in a park near her home. There are many lights on the small square at the entrance to the park.

When the child saw the colorfulness on the ground, it was very curious, so he broke free from his mother and reached out to touch the floor lamp. As a result, “Wow” was called out. Ms. Sun quickly bought a bottle of water to cool the child. After ten minutes, there were four or five large blisters on the palm, and the largest one was as big as a marble.

In Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, a one-year-old girl fell to the ground while playing in a square. Her hand was pressed on the floor lamp and was filled with blisters. After the incident, the parents of the children made an experiment: the eggs were spread on the floor lamp and cooked in 1 minute.

Ye Shengjie, director of the Burns Department of the 118 Hospital of the People's Liberation Army, said that the scalding of the ground lamp is not a case. Generally, the temperature acceptable to the human body is below 45 ° C. If it exceeds 45 degrees, it will be burnt if it is exposed for a long time. If it is more than seven or eighty degrees, it may be burnt in an instant. Medical staff reminded that objects over 80 °C, whether adults or children, will be burnt in a short time.

Every year, children will be electrocuted or burned because of the landscape lights. In addition to the attention of adults and children, I hope that the relevant departments can pay attention to them.