LED Indoor Lighting: Towards Energy-saving Intelligent And Humanized

- Sep 10, 2019-

LED lighting fixtures for indoor lighting will move towards energy-saving intelligent and humanized. The LED indoor lighting market will involve many aspects from chip, module, whole lamp manufacturing, to lighting design. Especially with the increasing use of LED lighting indoors, lighting design has become more and more important, and has become a road of segmentation and specialization. Many new design concepts and design elements have been injected into indoor lighting. The design adds fresh vitality to the interior lighting.

In the face of the rapid development of LED lighting trends, the trend has turned to the field of indoor lighting, becoming the huge market that people are most concerned about. How to adjust the design, lighting product development and manufacturing, and the design and production of upstream modules to keep LEDs healthy and orderly in the field of indoor lighting. The development has become the most concerned issue for lighting companies.

After experiencing landscape lighting and outdoor lighting, indoor commercial lighting has become the market space most favored by people in the industry. With the development of modern commercialization, LED lighting is also being applied more and more, and it has become an important aspect of the future development of LED. LED lamps have great potential for development in the field of indoor lighting.

Before the people's demand for lighting was very simple, mainly to solve the basic lighting problems, but with the improvement of people's living standards and quality of life, lighting green energy-saving lighting began to get people's attention. In the era of vigorously promoting energy conservation and environmental protection, the energy saving and environmental protection of LED lamps is undoubtedly an important magic weapon in the future lighting design. The choice of high-efficiency, low-energy light source lamps is also testing the determination of interior designers.

Using environmentally-friendly, high-efficiency, long-life, safe and stable lighting electrical products to improve people's work, study, living conditions and quality, thus creating an efficient, comfortable, safe, economical and beneficial living and working environment. LEDs need and must be tightly integrated with the lighting design to meet the needs of indoor lighting. The development direction of LED indoor lighting is human-oriented scientific lighting; meeting individualized and hierarchical multi-directional lighting needs; intelligent lighting; green and sustainable lighting.

Now humanization has become a new element in lighting design. In the design, we need to consider the different effects of different lighting environments on human physiology and psychology, and then design for the differences in seasons, cultural differences, geographical differences, etc., to create a vivid and human lighting. surroundings. Secondly, intelligent lighting has gradually become the new favorite of designers. Intelligent lighting not only can make lighting more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also can simulate the lighting effects of different scenes through intelligent control, and realize intelligent lighting control by means of infrared, video, motion, timing and other technical means to achieve the most comfortable and most Efficient lighting effects.