LED Is The Biggest Pusher For The Indoor Agricultural Market

- Aug 02, 2019-

Horticultural LED lighting systems from Swedish suppliers are benefiting from the gradual legalization of cannabis in the United States.

Heliospectra, a small Swedish company specializing in indoor planting of LED systems, recently said that its sales have doubled compared to last year, due to the extremely hot demand, as American cannabis growers have become the latest in adopting this technology. client.


The Heliospectra system uses a different type of LED combination designed for plant growth. The Swedish company is experiencing growing demand from the United States, thanks in large part to the recent relaxation of cannabis growth in national law.

The company's headquarters in Gothenburg has just announced financial results for the first half of 2015, with revenues of approximately $640,000, an increase of nearly 113% over the same period last year. Recently, Heliospectra also attracted a $3 million private investment from the United States intended to expand cannabis growers, and expects product sales to continue to grow as recent US orders are broken.

This is a direct result of the US changing national laws. You can see the legalization of non-medicinal cannabis sales and distribution in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. In July, the company said it had received a $700,000 contract for Las Vegas. Cannabis growers provide LED lighting systems.


This week, the United States has a cannabis conference and expo in San Diego, California. Heliospectra showcases a range of LED devices, each with more than a hundred LEDs that provide growers with the required light intensity and wavelength emission control. , enabling the creation of spectra that are optimized to the different plant species required.

Energy is a significant cost of indoor planting, and all LED lighting systems consume less power than traditional lighting-based luminaires, just as Heliospectra claims that the University of Cambridge's plant science laboratory is the largest unit of electrical power consumption. But this is not the best point of LED for planting. The best absorption spectrum of various crops is different. You can select LEDs that specifically target the absorption spectrum of the crops, so that the light can be converted into favorable crop growth, and more can be cultivated. Special flavor. According to market research firm WinterGreen Research, LEDs will be used in the indoor agricultural market, growing from $395 million in 2013 to $3.6 billion in 2020, growing nearly 10 times, and what kind of crops can drive such growth. Rate? Of course it is marijuana.


Hillberg believes that the US market for cannabis use for medical applications will exceed $10 billion by 2017, about seven times that of 2013. Today, 23 countries have approved the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes, and other countries are also submitting approvals for the bill, such as Germany, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Driven by the pioneers of cannabis, the technology of indoor planting is developing rapidly. Perhaps one day when we enjoy the indoor crops, we have to thank the cannabis industry for its key promoter role.