LED Light Source Scenery Behind The Embarrassing

- Aug 30, 2019-

Looking back at the LED lighting market in the first half of the year, it can be said that the wind and the sky are dazzling, and the LED light source products mainly based on light pipes and bulbs have become a barometer of the market conditions in the replacement period.

Based on the consumer's lack of cognition, the product form can be said to be "changing the medicine without changing the soup." In the LED bulb, it is basically the replacement of the traditional 40W and 60W bulbs. On the LED tube, it is the same as the traditional lamp. The T5 and T8 are 0.6m, 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m, etc. on the market. popular. However, this raises concerns about homogenization.


Merchants respond to LED lighting products, the market is more popular in the "singing" between manufacturers, and the beautiful shadow of LED, in the eyes of end users is more awkward shadow. The high cost of market education has prompted manufacturers to use the style of traditional lighting products for production and sales, and the product has not changed the "core". The homogenization of the appearance makes the price factor more prominent, and its price war area is white-hot, and the low-cost wind is prevalent.

In order to get rid of a single product form, the company has racked its brains. After the exhibition of smart products such as Philips and Samsung last year, following the international giants such as Philips Samsung, many domestic manufacturers such as Foshan Lighting and Jiabitai Lighting have launched wisdom. LED bulbs attract the market. "Intelligence" has become a hot selling point for mainstream products such as bulbs, and has gradually become another homogenization in the industry.

The big environment is sluggish, and the industry's overcapacity has made the traditional lighting era transition to the LED lighting era industry full of more variables. According to industry insiders, in the downstream distribution network, even if it is a specialty store, it is difficult to guarantee that only one brand product will be made. For the product richness, the merchant will generally sell other bulk goods at a ratio of 30%-50%, and the price becomes The main factor, and this has become the living space of many small businesses, although the business positioning is different, but the likes of cheap businesses still account for the majority.

Under the background of diversified channels, the rise of e-commerce has played a role in price transparency while selling things. On the Taobao page, almost all of the world of LED, "6 yuan package" and other horror words give people the feeling of "fighting" lost, but many of them are stunned by the price of a shot, and to 16W1.2 For example, the price of rice light is between 25-30 yuan, and the price of similar products is about 35 yuan.

In the era of LED lighting popularization, when companies enter the LED lighting market to conduct channel attack, bulbs and fluorescent tubes are more of a pioneering role. With the impact of mainstream products such as bulbs and fluorescent tubes on the channels, it will pave the way for the popularity of other categories. Because it can be applied in the fields of home lighting, commercial lighting, office lighting, etc., many companies “prefer” the LED light source products such as bulbs and fluorescent tubes, which are difficult to distinguish at a time.

Main products such as LED bulbs and daylight tubes are widely used in home lighting, hotel lighting, commercial lighting, office lighting, public lighting, etc. In the early stage, the market was gradually expanded with the help of engineering channels, and with the opening of the civilian market, Infiltration of channels will be the trend of the times, and direct stores, specialty stores, distribution outlets, etc. will be carried out in an orderly manner.

In the downstream LED light source market, there is an influx of capital, new brands to join, old brands to work hard, and small and medium-sized enterprises to survive, etc., the entire industry presents the most primitive ecological competition. In the light source market structure, it is still difficult to distinguish the emperors from the civilians. The traditional enterprises are more conservative, such as Op, Buddha, and the new brands are more active, such as Mulinsen and Yiguang.

The new brand is in the channel construction stage, so there will be more voices, representing the offensive side, and the traditional enterprise channel has been formed, which is in the state of preventing channel loss, representing the defensive side. Despite the rise of the overall solution, the market is still loved by many big companies through the use of bulbs, fluorescent tubes and other single products as the main products. In the light source market, the traditional brands and the new brands constitute the "all-star" "The lineup makes the industry a lot of fun