LED Lighting Concept For Future Office Environment

- Sep 22, 2019-

In terms of today's office space, natural lighting and artificial lighting are completely separated. At the same time, the unity of building materials makes the interior and exterior of the building have obvious boundaries, which are isolated from the outside environment, and then the body and mind after a long period of indoor work. Looks tired. In addition, the only way to adjust the illumination of the outside sunlight to the room is to adjust the area of the window covering the window, and no other method can be used.

The “adaptation” concept design is designed to design a future office form. It is assumed that in the near future, a building material can be developed to meet the conditions of thermal insulation and waterproofing, and an intelligent LED technology can be developed to calculate the difference in indoors through computerized parameter calculation. The different illuminances required at the time are then implemented in this material in a variety of and even inexhaustible ways. Specifically, when the sun is full, the material will partially block the sunlight according to the computer program settings, while the rest will exist in a transparent mode; on cloudy days, this material can Maximize the transparent area, so that the space is like being surrounded by a glass box, so when sitting indoors, it is due to the natural environment outside, and more importantly, zero consumption in lighting, because The technology that LEDs can achieve today by directly absorbing light energy into light energy is limited. When lighting at night, part of the energy absorbed by the daytime is insufficient to meet the illumination of the nighttime indoors. Therefore, part of the electric energy must be used to ensure indoors. Illumination, so zero consumption can not be achieved from this level; in the sun-drenched day, this material can absorb the energy of sunlight, and then at night, in the office, the absorbed energy is converted into light energy. Self-illumination, at this time, by selecting one of the possibilities set by the program or manually setting the shape And then apply in space, so that part of the barrier outdoor illumination and light transmission part formed by sunlight during the day and office area in line with the appropriate illumination, while the presentation of the spatial form makes the interface in the form of office space and lighting in the form of rich and varied. In addition, on a clear night, the program mode is set to full open, partial lighting, so that you can enjoy the outdoor night scene while working.

In the traditional office form, the text is read and written, or sitting in front of the computer requires local lighting. In this way, an indirect way to achieve office results, a common example is the desk lamp, which achieves its role. At the same time, other places are also illuminated. In addition, due to the illumination of the local lighting, the illumination difference between the illuminated area and the unexposed area is very large, and visual fatigue occurs in this environment for a long time.

Therefore, in the future office mode, can you achieve the results of the office in a direct way? In the evolution of the computer, the physical display, keyboard and mouse are thrown away, in exchange for a two-dimensional operation interface. The self-illuminating interface and the touch control are presented in the form of three-dimensional display, so that the information can be absorbed more intuitively and directly, and the concentration and work efficiency can be effectively improved. In addition, the traditional knowledge storage is presented in the form of “e-books”, which can “compress” the materials of many books into “e-books” of less than 1cm. The “e-books” are divided into three parts, up and down. For the light-emitting slot and the memory stick, the function of the light-emitting slot is to bring the LED light to the display screen to illuminate the text, the picture and the dynamic video; the memory stick is the data for storing the book, and under this technology, the data transmission becomes Convenient, receiving information on books does not require external lighting.

“Adapting to this future office style” is flexible, fun, fast, intuitive and visual in handling various types of work.