LED Lights Break Into The Room, Good At Atmosphere

- Oct 01, 2019-

After the Wanjia lights are all energy-saving lamps, what will be the next light source substitute? This problem, many people may not be able to answer, but many lighting companies will say in unison - LED light source. The Guangzhou Asian Games, which just ended, can be said to be a grand event of lighting. The most memorable thing is the beautiful light of the small waist, and its light source is the LED light source.

Our life will be inseparable from the LE D lamp, so what is the market situation? Is the sales of LED lights for homes already available? The reporter recently visited several lighting and building materials markets and found that although the business of operating LED lights is still not much, this market is already a sharp point.

Good at atmosphere creation is a highlight of LED lights

Although LE D has many advantages, all companies are optimistic about this market, and agree that this is the future direction of light source development, but in the current technical level of LED and market sales, the atmosphere is the most recognized point.

Consumers have three different levels of demand for lighting products. The first is energy-saving and efficient; the second is to be able to change the environment and create an atmosphere; the third is also the highest level of demand, that is, to change the quality of life of consumers and improve their health. Now, as one of the emerging markets in China, the demand for lighting has shifted from simply pursuing the lighting brightness of household lamps to using more lamps to create a unique home atmosphere.

LED night light

The pink color is very cute. This night light has a built-in photoreceptor that can sense the brightness of the surrounding light to automatically turn it on or off. Plug and play, no need for any adapter, easy to use. Each set contains 3 filters, combined with a beam adjuster, D IY's distinctive lighting effects, such as the soft romance of moonlight. It is suitable for baby rooms, washrooms, convenient for night baby care, and for children and the elderly to get up at night.

Sanon work light

This work light uses a solar-powered storage battery that converts sunlight into electrical energy. It does not need to be connected to a power source. It uses LED lights and consumes about 70% of the energy of incandescent bulbs. Its service life is 25 times that of incandescent bulbs. The charging time in the sun is about 9-12 hours, and it takes more than 12 hours on cloudy days. Attached to the three 1.2V A A solar rechargeable batteries, the lighting time is about 3 hours when the battery is fully charged.

LED candle set

Made of double-sided frosted glass, it has a stylish appearance and a comfortable hand. Long-lived and durable LED granules, simulating real flame jumping, placed on the table, you can enjoy the romance of candlelight dinner. Moreover, you can turn the lights on or off with a single click. External charging stand for 12 hours of continuous use for 24 hours, suitable for bedroom, dining room, living room, patio or family pool.

Hongxin LED ceiling lamp type 08

According to reports, this is the design of the lamp designed by the designer at the request of a customer. The hanging crystals are very beautiful, and the shape of the whole lamp looks like a crown. Available in three colors. When used, the lamp can be used with a conventional light bulb or an LED light source, or both light sources can be used at the same time. Equipped with remote control grouper.



LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a kind of light source that can be conveniently installed in the circuit. It changes the principle of incandescent tungsten light emission and energy-saving lamp three-base toner illumination, using electric field illumination. Since the LED is illuminated by the movement of electrons in the semiconductor material, it does not burn, does not burn out, and does not use any harmful materials.