Light And Shadow Charm Restaurant Lighting Design Highlights Fashion Home

- Aug 30, 2019-


Flexibility is a key feature of the restaurant space, you can use low lighting to add restaurant fun, or choose candlelight rendering space. Of course, the chandelier hanging in the center of the dining table is the light source of the traditional restaurant. An attractive chandelier can decorate the focus of the space, showing more different home styles, reflecting your own dinner atmosphere.


Two or two metal chandeliers are placed on either side of the table, which is very suitable for families with large dining tables. In order to match the overall style of the interior, the choice of lighting is also postmodern, and the industrial sense of touch gives the restaurant a sense of absolute sensibility for absolute taste.


Although the space is small, the clean chandeliers are more prominent. The appearance of the hollow, the refined lines are crisp and neat, in order to better create a sense of reunion at dinner, the restaurant chandeliers are placed very low, so that the light source is concentrated on the table, and is concentrated in the food.


General lighting can make the dining environment have a certain brightness, and some embedded lamps are placed at the ceiling. The scattered light can outline the outline of the dining area, making the indoor light more natural and providing a basis for local lighting. Partial lighting can be placed above the dining table. The position of the lamp is usually directly above the dining table. The lamps directly exposed to the light are used to ensure sufficient light and appetite during meal.

For most people, the restaurant may be the simplest and easiest room to light up in the entire room. After all, most of the action takes place around the table, and a chandelier hanging over the table can effectively brighten up the space.

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A chandelier is placed above the dining table to ensure sufficient lighting for the meal, and a weak light source such as a cat's eye lamp can be added to take care of the part.


A tall, low chandelier is placed side by side, and a glass lampshade allows the light to be projected more transparently. The restaurant itself is not big, the lighting here is more inclined to the area on the inner side of the wall, so that the table has become a non-key "care" object, such strong and weak contrast light layout can also meet its lighting needs, and look good.