Lighting Design Needs To Focus On Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

- Sep 25, 2019-

Lighting design as an important part of the overall design of the decoration, often listen to the opinions of the decoration workers, some irresponsible and do not understand the light of the decoration workers to install a full house with all kinds of lamps, although the full house is obviously luxurious The style, but not only spend more money, but also may choose the wrong lamp, inadvertently created new pollution. The designer believes that in lighting design, it is necessary to measure the area and the lighting intensity of the lamps. It is also necessary to pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection. It is not necessary to damage the family because of the wrong lamp.

The lighting in the house should be as soft as possible to avoid the extremes of being too bright or too dark. Indoor lighting should not blindly pursue brightness. It should be 6 watts per square meter and avoid the use of dazzling decorative materials and lamps. The lower ceiling of the room should avoid the use of low-hanging lights. The lights that are close to the horizontal line of sight should not be exposed as much as possible. Otherwise, it will easily cause glare and damage vision.

Under the premise of ensuring proper illumination in the room, it is best to avoid the use of decorative materials with large reflection coefficient. It is best not to brush the walls of the room too white or too blue, you can use a soft cool color, such as beige, light yellow, light blue instead of the traditional white, to reduce the indoor reflection glare.

Green lights are good for the eyes, too much use of red, yellow and other single-tone lights, will damage vision. In the selection of lights should go to the regular shopping mall to buy, unqualified lamps, not only low luminous efficiency, long-term use will make the eyes afraid of light tears, congestion and swelling, and even lead to decreased vision.

When installing the luminaire, if the sub-control switch is installed, not only can it save a lot of trouble, but also adjust the brightness of the light according to the change of outdoor light, energy saving and environmental protection.

Tips: The lighting setting has a wonderful method

Increase the sense of security: put the lamp at the entrance of the room, can not see the inside of the room, easy to give people a sense of uneasiness. Simply change the light inside the room and it immediately adds a sense of security.

The vertical depth of the room has also expanded. If you look at the lighting method of the women's clothing store, you will find that the innermost wall is bright except for the product window, which can create a safe environment for customers.

Three-dimensional lighting: The purpose of using multiple luminaires is to create a three-dimensional look. The secret to achieving this effect is to fill the room with a “bright → dim → bright” rhythm, specifically to place the fixtures in “high, medium and low” positions. Different luminaire designs create a sense of distance between light and light, and also give the room a sense of depth.

Light that makes the room look spacious: If your room is small, you can use lights to change the small feeling of the room. Just by lighting the vertical surface, that is, the wall with a light will make it appear more spacious. This method is more effective if used in a corner of the room and the connection point between the ceiling and the wall. On the contrary, if you want to be quiet, just illuminate the floor just like a spotlight.