Lighting Designer Advice: Home Lighting Installation More Intimate

- Sep 02, 2019-

In home design, light environment design is often a less important part of the design. In the relatively private spaces of the bedroom, study, kitchen, and bathroom, most of the families are still wearing a ceiling lamp. Lighting designer Zhu Lidong guides you at home.

Bedroom: Try not to affect your family's sleep

Zhu Lidong suggested that the luminaire can be installed at the bottom of the bedside table and equipped with a time delay lighting switch. In addition, a lighting should be considered in the closet of the bedroom, so that early risers can easily find clothes without affecting their partner's sleep. But be sure to pay attention to the angle of installation of the lamp, it should not exceed the door.

Study: Focus on vision health is the first

The lighting of the study first focused on vision health. The main light source is recommended to choose the chandelier or ceiling lamp. The color temperature is controlled at 2700k-4500k. The secondary light source is generally the desk lamp on the desk surface. The color temperature is recommended to be about 3500k, and the desk lamp source is about 40cm from the desktop height.

Kitchen: Appropriate increase of local auxiliary lighting

In addition to the top main light source, kitchen lighting should also add local auxiliary lighting. It is recommended to install lighting equipment to supplement the lighting environment directly above the front of the console or the cooktop. It is recommended to use a color temperature of 3500k-4500k to ensure the authenticity of the color of the ingredients. At the same time, lighting can be installed inside the cabinet.

Bathroom: boldly give up the main light source

In the bathroom, abandoning the main light source ceiling lamp, installing ambient light and local lighting, will create a "different" bathroom. The mirror headlights are essential and can be illuminated with backlighting. It is recommended to use an intermediate color temperature light source on the light color, and the lamp with a color temperature of 3000k-4500k can be used. Second, the luminaire can be installed 15-30cm directly above the toilet to meet the reading needs. In addition, the lamp can be installed at the bottom of the bathroom vanity to facilitate the night.

The colour temperature is a measure of the color of the light source in K (Kelvin). Generally incandescent lamps are 2800k color temperature. The color temperature range of the home illumination source is 2700k-6700k.