Lighting Lighting Needs Energy Saving And Harmless

- Oct 09, 2019-

People have no longer been unfamiliar with the concept of “low-carbon energy-saving and healthy living”. In addition to the personality and aesthetics in the home decoration lighting industry, “low-carbon lighting and healthy lighting” is the king of the development of the lighting industry.

Low-carbon lighting reduces energy consumption in enterprises

At the 2010 China Green Industry and Green Economy High-Tech International Expo, Li Changchun, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, pointed out that it is necessary to firmly grasp the opportunities brought about by the accelerated development of the global green economy, vigorously develop China's green economy, promote low-carbon technologies, and make bigger efforts. Strong green industry, and strive to achieve organic integration of economic, social and ecological benefits. At present, the state attaches great importance to the development of a low-carbon economy. Whether in the Beijing Olympic Games or the Guangzhou Asian Games, the use of green energy-saving technologies is everywhere.

Similarly, low-carbon and environmentally-friendly building materials manufacturing industry must follow the trend, and the living items that are closely related to people's lives are constantly innovating and constantly changing. Today's consumers not only pay attention to the decoration effect, but also pay more attention to the healthy and comfortable home environment. Every aspect of home decoration is infiltrated with the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection.

The country is constantly promoting efficient lighting products, enabling the lighting industry to quickly embark on a low-carbon path. In the interview with the media, Liu Wanqing of Philips Lighting's Hohhot Distribution Department believes that as an important part of the building materials industry, the development of the lighting industry is the development of low-carbon, and it is not only guaranteed to meet the high-efficiency and low-energy needs of consumers. Normal room lighting, to achieve the most energy-saving, is to comply with the current low-carbon theme.

In addition to the building materials industry, many companies have also started from lighting lighting to reduce energy consumption and save money for the company. The Grand Central Station in New York City can save about 100,000 US dollars per year by switching to CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light); Coca-Cola Company adopts The new high-intensity fluorescent lamp system saves 5.6 million kWh per year; InterContinental Hotels Group spent $400,000 to replace 250,000 bulbs, saving $1.2 million a year and recouping investment in just four months. From this point of view, it is not unreasonable that low-carbon lighting is highly respected, environmentally friendly and profitable. Why not do it.

Low carbon lighting is good for your health

In an interview with reporters, Beijing Dongfang Hongjia Lighting City Manager Chen said, “There are already many people who have begun to pay attention to the problem of light pollution. In addition to energy saving and environmental protection, low-carbon lighting can ensure the health of home life is the most important thing.” Indeed When people buy home improvement materials, such as wallpapers and paints, they will consider whether they have an impact on their health. Especially for families with children, they are more cautious, and the lighting is inseparable every day. How is the degree worth paying attention to.

Ms. Chen Yanhong, who was purchased at the Shilihe Decoration City in Beijing, told reporters that “there will be a new home at the end of the year. The choice of all home improvement materials is basically self-reliant. I used it to be reassured. I used to design in college. Therefore, there are still some experiences in this respect. My main idea is to combine fashion and low carbon, choose natural and green environmentally friendly materials, especially lighting, not only to look at the shape, but also to be healthy, comfortable and protect. Vision. "Now there are not many consumers like Chen Yanhong, and new low-carbon materials are favored. Low-carbon lighting is imperative.

Low-carbon lighting is not just a slogan, it also represents a responsibility. Experts believe that lighting must meet the psychological needs of the site while meeting the functional needs of the site. Unreasonable lighting tools and inappropriate lighting methods will have a great impact on health.

Studies have shown that bright light can change the internal clock of the brain and control sleep; if working under the light for a long time, it will reduce the absorption of calcium by the human body; the inferior light source will not only distort the visual effect, but also be exposed to inferior light sources for a long time, the eyes are very It is easy to fatigue; when the brightness of the light is not balanced, people will feel glare, make people very uncomfortable, and seriously damage the visual function. Therefore, the first design of lighting should focus on health, the second consideration of coordination, and finally the application of function, to avoid light pollution, correct understanding and practical action, will achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Lighting lighting needs energy saving and harmless

The environmental pollution caused by building materials is quite serious, especially the pollution of decorative materials. As an indispensable lighting industry in the home furnishing industry, the industry believes that with the phasing out of incandescent lamps, the LED semiconductor lighting industry, which focuses on energy conservation and environmental protection, is a model of low energy consumption and low emissions, and is expected to be in the near future. Significant results have been achieved in technology applications. However, as far as the current lighting decoration market is concerned, the popularity of LED new energy-saving lamps is far from enough. Many manufacturers do not have such products for sale. Energy-saving lamps still occupy most of the market, and energy-saving lamps do not mean that they are safe. Many details still need to be taken seriously.

The large-scale use of energy-saving lamps has led to mercury pollution. Experts said that energy-saving lamps contain mercury. If discarded at will, it will cause environmental pollution. If the waste energy-saving lamps are not properly recycled or disposed, they may cause environmental hazards. It seems that energy-saving lamps are a double-edged sword. To achieve low-carbon lighting, we need the joint efforts of all parties. The low-carbon lighting industry has become the trend of the future development of lighting, so that the lighting accessories that enter the homes can play a decorative role, while being safe and environmentally friendly, there is still a long way to go.