LightPaper Light Like Magic

- Aug 28, 2019-

Our common lighting products feature a spherical or cylindrical look, and Rohinni, Idaho, uses a creative design to create a paper-thin LightPaper.


Lightweight and stylish LightPaper lamp (picture from Rohinni)

LightPaper lamps integrate inks with tiny LED lights and print materials on special conductive layers to get stylish and stylish lighting products. The ultra-thin design is not only thinner than current lighting fixtures, but also exceeds the thinness of OLEDs.

Rohinni said the product can be printed or adhered to different surfaces, from smartphones to cars, including smart wearables.

Rohinni plans to use this ultra-thin LightPaper lamp in 2015, but it is not yet clear where to use it first. According to the company's website, it should be a product such as a smartphone and a car.