Many Schools In Xiamen Have Implemented Healthy Light Environment Renovation LED Lighting To Effectively Reduce Myopia Rate

- Jun 17, 2019-

The myopia of primary and secondary school students has been concerned by the society.Data show that the myopia rate of primary and middle school students in xiamen is slightly higher than the national average, among which the myopia rate of primary school students is about 50%, middle school students about 70% and high school students over 80%.High incidence of myopia, low age trend, seriously affect the physical and mental health of children.Xiamen recently held a school light environment and eye health seminar, proposed to further improve the lighting and lighting conditions in the classroom, to protect the healthy vision of children and adolescents.

"Hygienic requirements for lighting design and installation of ordinary classrooms in primary and secondary schools" was approved

On September 17, the state administration of market supervision and standardization administration of China approved and issued 454 national standards, including "requirements for the sanitary design and installation of lighting for ordinary classrooms in primary and middle schools".This batch of standards covers a wide range of fields, especially some health and safety, public service standards are closely related to everyone's life.

Among them, in the protection of health and safety, including the "primary and secondary school general classroom lighting design and installation of health requirements", this national standard for primary and secondary school general classroom desktop, blackboard lighting and design and installation of health requirements for a detailed regulation, for the protection of adolescent vision has a positive significance.


The myopia rate of students in xiamen city is slightly higher than the average level

Qiu yiming, a physician in charge of the health care center for elementary and middle schools in xiamen, said the health care center collects data on more than 300,000 students each year, and the data shows that students in xiamen suffer from myopia, dental caries and obesity.Myopia is the most serious problem.However, in recent years, the myopic rate of the city's primary and secondary school students has been stable in the decline, slowly approaching the national average level.

Qiu said there are many factors contributing to myopia, and the results of the study suggest that altering lighting and using adjustable desks and chairs could significantly improve students' vision."Three years of data showed that the myopia rate of students in the schools that completed the classroom lighting renovation decreased slightly, while the myopia rate of students in the schools that did not undergo the renovation increased.It can be inferred that vision has a lot to do with the visual environment."He said.




The light modification can improve the rate of myopia, and the students' eyesight is even in three years

A study conducted by the institute of child and adolescent health of Peking University shows that the renovation of classroom lighting significantly improves the lighting environment in classrooms, which can to some extent prevent the vision loss of primary and middle school students and reduce the incidence of poor vision.Wuyuan experimental school, which completed the renovation of classroom lighting in 2015, is taken as the project school. Compared with other schools that did not carry out the renovation of classroom lighting, the data obtained from the annual physical examination data are analyzed:


                                          Vision of students aged 6 to 15 years from 2016 to 2018

Wuyuan experimental school

The detection rate of impaired vision was 56.9 per cent, 52.8 per cent and 56.4 per cent respectively. There was no change in the visual acuity of the left and right eyes of the students (both 4.8 plus 0.3).
Contrast to the schoolThe detection rate of impaired vision was 66.4 percent, 70.2 percent and 75.2 percent, respectively.

It is reported that wuyuan experimental school has transformed the lighting of two classrooms in 2014, transforming the original fluorescent lamp into strobe free LED lamp.In the summer of 2015, all the ordinary classrooms, special classrooms, teachers' offices and meeting rooms in the school were replaced with stroboscopic LED lights.


Implementation of "healthy light environment" project

Establish health records for students

As we have learned, xiamen city has implemented more than 50 schools at present "healthy light environment" transform project.After the transformation, the illuminance of classroom desk and blackboard, illuminance uniformity and other indicators have reached the relevant national standards, effectively reducing the rate of new myopia of students.

Chen zhen, deputy director of the city's education bureau, said that protecting students' eyesight is a comprehensive project, in addition to improving the light environment, but also under multiple pipes.For example, in 2011, the municipal and district education bureau signed a responsibility agreement with schools to ensure that primary and middle school students have one hour of campus sports activities every day.Year by year, the sports score in the high school entrance examination has been increased from 12 points in 2008 to 30 points now.

In 2017, student vision was included in the comprehensive assessment of junior middle school teaching quality.At the same time, the municipal bureau of education has established a "health file" for each student, which records the basic information and health status of students in detail, among which visual acuity is an important content.The health care department of the municipal education affairs acceptance center monitors the visual acuity of students once a semester, and makes statistical analysis of various indicators such as the detection rate of poor visual acuity and the new incidence rate of diseases of students.