Ohio To Pilot LED Smart Street Lights

- Feb 10, 2020-

As part of a pilot project, American electric power will install new LED smart street lights in Ohio cities, paving the way for the state to adopt LED technology, foreign media reported.

Earlier this month, the city council authorized the mayor to sign a contract with American electric power to participate in a street lamp replacement study, at no cost.

The project involves installing 80 LED street lights across the state.

"It's a smart technology beyond LED light bulbs," said Howard Elstro, director of public works for Lima. "the advantage of LED technology for cities is that it can save a lot of energy and therefore money."

And these streetlights are much more than just on and off.

"The street light can also give some feedback to aep," Elstro said. "they immediately know if the light is broken.

They can also control the lumens of light, program them to increase their illumination, and reduce their illumination based on human flow or other temporal factors.

So there are a lot of things built into these particular streetlights."

Aep will begin installing new leds soon and will evaluate them within six months.

The pilot project could pave the way for cities across Ohio to use LED technology.

"We want to prove experimentally that these are the preferred technologies.

We are optimistic that aep will contact the public utilities commission and all cities will have access to LED technology in street lighting."

After the preliminary study is completed, the LED lights will be replaced with the original ones.