Performance Structure Of Metal Halide Lamps

- Jan 09, 2018-

Metal Halide lamp (gold halide lamp) has two kinds, one is quartz metal halide lamp, its arc tube shell is made of quartz, the other is ceramic metal halide lamp, its arc tube shell is made of translucent alumina ceramics, metal halide lamp is currently one of the world's most outstanding light source, it has high efficiency (65~140LM/W), Long Life (5000~20000h), Good color rendering (ra65~95) compact structure, stable performance and so on. It has the advantages of fluorescent lamps, high-pressure mercury lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, overcome the defects of these lamps, metal halide lamp brings together the main advantages of gas discharge. Especially the light effect is high, the life is long, the light color is good three big advantages. So the metal halide lamp develops very quickly and uses more and more widely. The metal halide lamps on the market, like other gas discharge lamps, have mercury in the filler in the lamp, mercury is a toxic substance, light injection mercury, treatment inadvertently, will result in the production of environmental pollution, damage to the health of workers, arc tube exhaust, there are traces of mercury vapor discharged, if not properly handled, will be directly discharged into the atmosphere, when the use of the lamp damaged, will cause pollution to the environment.

A gas discharge lamp that radiates with a mixture of metal vapor (such as mercury) and halides (such as dysprosium, sodium, thallium, indium, etc.). With the characteristic spectral lines of the added metal, the light color is improved and the light efficiency is improved. This kind of lamp correlation color temperature is about 4000K, the color index 70, the light effect in 70lm/w above.