Prevent Students From Myopia By Using Intelligent Lighting Equipment In The Classroo

- Apr 11, 2019-

Schools are experimenting with smart lighting
Reporters learned that in order to protect the eyesight of children and teenagers, urban xiyuan primary school, dongyuan primary school, station before the primary school and many other schools began to try to use intelligent lighting lighting equipment, with appropriate brightness to let students feel comfortable, especially to relax the eyes.
According to xiyuan primary school "exhibition, director of the office, starting from the second half of last year, to better protect students' eyesight health, xiyuan primary school starting from the individual and the needs of teachers and students, considering the factors, the selection of the ministry of education education equipment research and development center and vertical marsh classroom lighting products, joint research and development of the whole eye LED to 36 classes, and improve the teacher's office for the whole school lights.After the reconstruction, the average illuminance of the desk reached 430lx (lux, unit of illumination intensity), and the average illuminance of the blackboard reached 700lx, all indexes were better than the national standard.According to the relevant national standards, the classroom desktop illumination should be greater than or equal to 300lx.
In addition to creating a healthy light environment for teachers and students to protect their eyes, the new lighting is more intelligent and energy-saving.Four intelligent modes, including class, projection, self-study and activity, are preset. One-click lighting, projector and curtain can be triggered to provide optimal light environment for different scenes and improve teaching efficiency.All the installed lights can be automatically adjusted according to the brightness of natural light in the classroom. The external light will become stronger and the brightness of classroom light will automatically decrease.On the contrary, it will automatically lighten.And the illumination of the desk can be kept constant in the national standard above, do not need artificial switch on and off the light, can effectively reduce energy consumption.
In just six months, the students' myopia did not improve immediately, but shen said: "the classrooms were bright and comfortable, and students' concentration in class improved significantly."Some parents also said that in the past, the most common manifestation of children's vision loss was that they could not see the blackboard clearly, so they always asked teachers to help their children to move their seats to the front as a solution.Now, you can see the blackboard clearly everywhere you sit, so you don't have to worry so much about your child's vision problems.
It is understood that in the recently released nine departments such as "zhejiang province education department of child and adolescent myopia prevention and control comprehensively strengthen opinion (draft)", there are clear requirements promote the implementation of "health classroom lighting" project, research and develop adolescent myopia prevention and control of local standards or industry standards, ensure that different weather, time, desktop, such as the blackboard healthy illumination on the surface of the appliance.
The rate of myopia in children and adolescents is still high
Around the winter and summer holidays every year, children and adolescents are the peak of optometry with glasses.Data from the 2018 national survey on students' physical health shows that the incidence of myopia in primary school students is 22.78% and that in middle school students is 55.22%.
So how is myopia of group of my city children adolescent?In order to understand the situation, the reporter visited the ophthalmology and ophthalmic professional medical institutions of major hospitals in our city, and the feedback was that the number of children and teenagers attending the hospital was on the rise, among which the number of primary school students with glasses was increasing day by day.
City hospital of traditional Chinese medicine ophthalmologist hong xianfei said, resulting in children holiday suffer from myopia or myopia degree rise has many reasons, including a long time with the eyes, poor eye habits, genetic problems."According to the current situation of parents coming to the hospital for consultation, 10 to 20 percent of the third-grade students have become short-sighted."
"However, from the outpatient situation, the overall number of primary and secondary school students with high myopia exceeding 600 degrees is decreasing."Hong said the increase does not mean that parents do not pay enough attention to their children's eyesight.In fact, parents are now more attention to the child's vision health, many will pass the corneal plastic mirror, double light mirror and other methods to help children correct vision.
The parents of tutu, a primary school student, are part of a group of parents that Dr. Hong describes as focusing on their child's vision."Tutu" study in the primary school attached to the teacher, although just on the second grade of primary school, but has appeared a certain degree of myopia."Tutu" parents said, when the discovery of "tutu" myopia, he immediately bought a 1999 yuan online some brand eye lamp, "the price is not a problem, as long as the full function, enough health, good for children's eyes, the money still have to spend.
Prevention of myopia should cultivate good eye habits
The reporter opened a shopping platform to "LED eye lamp" as the keyword for the search found that the search results are more than 100 pages, the price of the lamp to search from dozens of yuan to thousands of yuan, and many brands of table lamp sales is not low.Reporter discovery, almost all the desk lamp of brands have the function of the very detailed introduction, part of the brand lamps in large area light source, high color rendering, the AA illumination, intelligent light-sensing "features, such as more brands is directly issue related to blue light damage, intensity of illumination levels, color rendering index, noise and stroboscopic testing inspection report, since the quality of the brand.
Reading and writing in too strong or too weak light is a major cause of myopia in children and adolescents. Is the LED eye protection lamp as effective as its publicity?"Eye protection is the most competitive selling point of the table lamp market at present, among which the biggest selling point is' no stroboscopic light '.Hong xianfei explains, fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamp wait for traditional desk lamp, have only onefold light transmission path, put in serious stroboscopic problem, below this kind of lamplight for a long time, can bring about the person's eye to get certain harm.And the LED that sells on market at present protects an eye the light, its principle is to use radial change to alleviate fatigue with the eye.Simply put, is the simulation of outdoor reading, visual experience more comfortable.
Hong xianfei expresses, LED protects an eye the light is to have the effect of ameliorative model to myopia, but if want to prevent myopia, the most important still is to use eye habit and assure outdoor use eye time."No source of light can compare with natural light."In natural light, certain wavelengths of ultraviolet light help the body produce more dopamine, which contributes to vision health."Hong xianfei said.
Hong xianfei suggests that children should increase their outdoor activities, reading books and watching electronic products indoors every day, which is especially harmful to their eyes. However, if they insist on looking at the distance for 2 hours every day, the incidence of myopia can be reduced.In addition, attention to reading posture and outdoor activities can be more effective prevention and treatment of myopia deepening.