Sanya Launches Night Lighting Lighting Project To Create The Most Beautiful Coastal Tourist City

- Aug 04, 2019-

The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development recently listed Sanya as a pilot city for urban restoration of ecological restoration, sponge city and integrated pipe corridor construction. The municipal party committee and the municipal government have now formulated action plans to clarify the goals and timetable for promotion. Zhang Qi, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, said that it is necessary to promote the city's "double repair" and "double city" work, and make Sanya stronger, better, better, and beautiful. Zhang Qi asked the leading cadres to work hard to implement the "three strictness and three realities", promote the "double repair" and "double city" to achieve early results, and promote the construction of Sanya's internationalized coastal tourism boutique city. From time to time, this newspaper has launched the "Three Stricts and Three Realities" practice, and promoted the "double repair" and "double city" series of reports, cheering for the "double repair" and "double city" work. Today, the tenth article "Next Year, Lucheng's night is more charming", please pay attention to readers.

The quiet residential area in the dark night is disturbed by the neon lights of a towering commercial building; the long and narrow Sanya Bay, the dynamic lights of “single dances alone” let the drivers divide the gods; the bustling Jiefang Road, the LED lighting cabinets and light boxes of different styles appear Very messy... In order to beautify the city's night scene, to make the city have a stronger sense of the times, and thus to enhance the city's attractiveness, recently Sanya launched a special plan for urban night lighting (ie, urban lighting project), experts of China Urban Planning and Design Institute are nervous Research. According to the progress of the program, by the end of next year, the night in Sanya will be replaced with new clothes, and the night scene will be more charming.


Sanya era coast estuary, night glory

1, eye

A beautiful commercial building emerges in the dark night of Gangmen Village

“From the roof of the Central Asia Hotel, the entire Gangmen Village is immersed in the dark night, but there is a beautiful high-rise building pulled up from the middle, dazzling lights.” On the evening of July 2, China Urban Planning and Design Institute (hereinafter referred to as "Chinese Academy of Standards") expert Feng Kai and his colleagues walked on the streets of Sanya, carefully observing the urban lighting effects in various locations. Facing the Ganghua Building of Gangmen Village, "Hui Li Building", Feng Kai shook his head, this lighting effect Make him feel very uncomfortable. The colorful lights set off the prosperity of the city. What's wrong with it? Feng Kai gave a lecture to the reporter from a professional point of view: "The entire residential area of Gangmen Village is very dark. Suddenly there is a building that is dazzling. Sleeping, here should be a dark area, the professional is called the control area, and then the colorful lights just light up, the dark areas are also very bright, destroying the urban ecology."

In mid-May this year, Sanya formulated the “Action Plan for Ecological Restoration and Urban Rehabilitation Work in Sanya City” with a clear goal. It aims to improve the night view of urban nights, standardize billboards, urban greening, demolish illegal buildings, and unify urban tones within two years. Waiting for five tasks, basically complete the urban main roads and important building lighting renovation before the end of the year, and complete the lighting renovation of the squares, turntables, parks and other areas within the urban area in February next year.

The heavy responsibility of the city's nightscape lighting renovation fell to the experts of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and several experts flew from Beijing to Sanya. On May 21, experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Sanya City Housing and Construction Bureau officially docked, and then invested in intense research work.

2, interference

The dynamic lights of the Sanya Bay intersection make the driver "distracted"

"Look at least twice a day, look at the shape of the building during the day, and see the lighting effect at night." At 9:00 pm on July 2, the experts of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the staff of the Housing and Construction Bureau came to Sanya Bay, everyone from Lanhai Phase III. At the beginning, walk all the way to Phoenix Island. In the daytime, they have already seen it again.

On the way, the reporter also chatted with the driver of the temporary parking. The taxi driver Mr. Wang said that the neon lights of some buildings in Sanya Bay are indeed very dynamic. Every time you pass by, you can’t help but squint. “The lights are very cool, a bit Distraction."

The reporter saw that there is a girl in the expert group of the Chinese Academy of Standards. She is responsible for recording the lighting effects of various sections with the camera. Lanhai Phase III, Qingtian Peninsula, and 425 Hospitals... Wherever there is a light contrast effect, she Stop and take a serious shot. The reporter chatted with her. She analyzed that there are many attractive dynamic lights in Sanya Bay. There are no rules for the distribution of these lights. Some merchants make the lighting very eye-catching in order to attract people, but they are not in harmony with other buildings on the street. Breaking the overall image and temperament of the street, from a distance, there is a light distribution of “time and time” along the Sanya Bay, and the overall effect is not very good.

"It is best to have a main color, and then with a reasonable dynamic light distribution, so the effect is good." For the lighting settings in Sanya Bay, Feng Kai has his own opinion, there are many dynamic light and colored light along the Sanya Bay, dynamic The light is particularly eye-catching, it is easy to attract the driver's attention, distracting the driver, especially the continuous dynamic light on the street will make people feel tired. The reasonable lighting layout should be that the street has a main color and use dynamic light in the key area. The lighting effect is better.


Sanya era coast marina night view

3, monotonous

Haiyue Square Orange Light is accompanied by the "square dance" aunt

At night, Haiyue Square is very lively. With the dynamic rhythm music, nearly 100 fitness uncles and aunts are practicing square dance under the lights. “Haiyue Square is the largest civic activity square in Sanya. The lighting setting should not be just a landscape light. It can use the sensor and camera to shape the interaction between people and lighting.” Feng Kai believes that Haiyue Square is a typical example of public entertainment activities. The place should be more clever in lighting design, not able to shine, but also play the role of lighting in setting off the atmosphere, using the lighting effect to dance with the light to create a charming entertainment square.

"In stark contrast to the Haiyue Plaza, the two sides of the Linchun River need to minimize the light." Feng Kai said that the city night scenes may not all look good and bright, lighting design should also consider avoiding ecological interference. There are many mangroves on both sides of the Linchun River. Every day, many egrets can be seen to rest and prey. The night is also the habitat of the egrets. If the lights on the Linchun River are too bright, the egrets cannot sleep, and gradually dare not come. This "camping camp", this will be a big damage to the Sanya ecology. At 11 o'clock on the evening of the 3rd, the reporter walked along the Linchun River Road. There are hotels, restaurants, commercial houses, etc., especially in some of the higher buildings. The color of the light is very far away, and one is close to Linchunhe Road. The sides are illuminated. The reporter visited and found that the street lights on the Linchun Bridge were also very dazzling, illuminating a large mangrove forest.

4, messy

Three colors of "Dancing" six colors of the commercial building

The experts of the Chinese Academy of Sciences told the reporter that in the course of the investigation, the current situation of the lighting effect of the store's lighting on Jiefang Road was impressive. For example, there are three small buildings, there are three kinds of lighting colors, the brightness of the lights is not the same, and in the form of lighting, some use light cabinets, some use light boxes, and some use electric lights to illuminate signs, it looks very specification.

The reporter visited and found that such a situation exists in the entrepreneurial building. For example, near the side of Xinfeng Street, there are many signboards on the first to third floors. Because the merchants have wedding photography, cafes, loans, etc., the lighting design of each store is Different. The reporter counted, and these stores have a total of six colors, and the styles are not the same.

In the vicinity of the Yuechuan Bridge in Jiefang Road, a three-story small building by the river also attracted the attention of the reporter. The third floor of the building is equipped with red characters for vocational training. The lower two floors are also various small light cabinets, and the colors are messy. The white light on the side of the building is the same, which is very uncoordinated. Especially the white light font is very bright. It can't be seen directly from the naked eye. You can only look at it with a squint.

5. Outlook

The night scene of the 80 square kilometers section of the city next year will be "changing face"

"Now it belongs to the research stage. The direction of the lighting project is not only aesthetic, but also the pursuit of balance, coordination and safety." Feng Kai told reporters that after the investigation is the design work, the experts will do their best to try to make the Sanya night scene " Dress up "more beautiful.

According to the reporter from the Sanya Housing and Construction Department, although the design of the project has not been completed, but according to the "double repair" recent planning requirements, the "Sanya Urban Night Lighting Special Plan" design scope tentatively set the city's built-up area of about 80 square kilometers, planning preparation plan at 8 Submit at the end of the month.

This work is undertaken by the China Urban Planning and Design Institute. The work includes ten items: 1. Current status survey and analysis, including functional lighting and landscape lighting; 2. Urban lighting overall development strategy and standard partition layout planning; 3. Road lighting Planning; 4, landscape lighting planning; 5, key area landscape lighting concept planning; 6, urban nightscape tourism planning; 7, lighting environmental impact assessment; 8, urban green lighting requirements; 9, phased construction planning; 10, urban lighting construction operation Management mechanism and related policy recommendations.

6, science

Urban lighting project enters a new concept era

Urban lighting projects are indispensable for modern urban life. “Better City, Better Life!” This is the slogan of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. It is true that modern life is inseparable from the city, but as a carrier of human life, it is not enough to just let the city shine. At present, the urban lighting project has entered a new conceptual era. With the development of lighting technology and people's pursuit of high-quality life, the simple lighting design effect can no longer meet the needs of human beings. With the development of society and the competitive needs of business, different lightings can be seen in urban buildings and public spaces, such as city squares, commercial and cultural streets, tourist landscapes, monumental buildings, historical buildings, cultural buildings, and major government offices. Buildings and transportation buildings, under the illumination of the lights, will bring the city's night scenes to a more layered level, attracting everyone's attention.

The urban lighting project can make a night view of a city colorful, distinctive and clear-cut light image, fully display the urban environmental culture information and its architectural aesthetics, so that the city has a stronger sense of the times, thus improving the city. Appeal. Therefore, the urban lighting project can shape the night scene of the city, attract tourists, develop the city's tourism industry, and at the same time improve the living environment of the residents. It can create social benefits for a city.

The construction of urban lighting projects has brought economic benefits to the country and individuals to a certain extent. The urban lighting project has improved the quality of the city's night scenes, making the city feel strong. The streets have become spectacular, the business opportunities in the commercial streets have been promoted, and the commercial activities at night have not been restricted by the light. The citizens are happy to buy their favorite products in the brightly-lit commercial streets. Visitors will also come here to attract economic benefits and improve shops. The sales increase the income of the merchants, and naturally the tax amount will increase, thus improving the economic vitality of the city.