Save The Sea LED Nets Can Effectively Reduce The Chance Of Catching By Mistake

- Aug 29, 2019-

It is always difficult to avoid accidentally catching fish species other than the target, such as small fish, conservation fish and even turtles. According to statistics, about 40% of the world's harvested marine organisms have been discarded or accidentally caught, and such conditions may endanger the development of marine ecosystems and accelerate the crisis of the extinction of rare species.


In the early years, Scottish fishermen were forced to discard fish without market value in order to meet the EU fisheries quota. To this end, a British designer, Dan Watson, designed an LED fishing net. There are many luminous rings on the fishing net, that is, the force is used to tighten the fishing net, the ring opening will not be smaller, and the LED light design can warn the fish. Let them know that they are trapped and increase their escape.

The LED lights on the fishing net have two power generation modes, one is battery power generation, and the other is power charging; the power charging ring has a turbine inside, which can convert the washed wave into electricity when the sea water passes, so no need Change the battery.


Specific LED light wavelength can effectively reduce the chance of trapping turtles

In recent years, fishermen in more and more countries have learned about the importance of special fishing nets and improved them. Christopher Brown, a fisherman from the United States, designed a “squid-type fishing net” to distinguish endangered fish according to the different habits of fish. He designed an escape route at the bottom of the net to allow the halibut that is used to swimming deep into the sea to escape. opportunity.

In addition, not only fish, but also thousands of sea turtles around the world, because they can't see the bottom of the water, they are often drowned by improper fishing nets. The research team of the Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research found that turtles can experience the wavelength of specific LED lights. If the LED lights of this wavelength are fixed on the fishing net, it can effectively reduce the chance of sea turtles being caught by mistake. The fishnet was also tested in Mexico, Peru and Indonesia and found that the use of special fishing nets can effectively reduce the chance of sea turtles being caught by mistake.

The team also found that different wavelengths of light have different effects on various fish species, and research is currently underway on how ultraviolet light affects the path of hammerhead sharks.