Shouguang Farmers Use Vegetables To Produce High-tech Led Lighting Planting To Increase Production By 30%

- Jul 06, 2019-

I saw cherry tomatoes in the greenhouse like a string of small lanterns, covered with branches. Tang Tinghua said with excitement. "All said that no horses are not fat, now I am also eating the night grass in these two sheds! Let me this fledgling farmer taste the sweetness of new technology." In Tangjiazhuang Village, Tianliu Town, Shouguang City, Shandong Province In the greenhouse of the farmer's household, the LED fill light is above the top of the cucumber plant 40 cm, emitting a soft purple red light. In this greenhouse with an area of more than 2 acres, in addition to the fill light, there are supporting physical temperature adjustment facilities.

Tang Tinghua, secretary of the Party branch of Tangjiazhuang Village, Tianliu Town, Shouguang City, told reporters that he was a "newcomer" who planted land. He only started to grow his own greenhouse last year. He had no experience before, and the harvest was good. From July last year, the vegetables used in the two technologies of physical agriculture, such as fill light and physical temperature adjustment facilities, were thick and thick, and the fruits were more, larger and more uniform, and the color and taste were also improved. . The same management, since picking in December last year, has increased production by 14%, while another pepper shed has increased production by more than 30%.

It is understood that this new type of "plant growth fill light" can manually adjust or automatically turn on the illumination time according to the needs, to make up for the neutral sunlight of crops on cloudy and nighttime, and to achieve the purpose of prolonging the illumination time, increasing production and increasing efficiency. . The greenhouse temperature control facility uses the form of “main pipe + branch pipe + venting hole” similar to drip irrigation to effectively utilize the heat in the shed, increase the ground temperature, and reduce the heat loss in the shed. In winter, the effect is particularly obvious. When the device is turned on for 2 hours, the ground temperature can be increased by 1.7 degrees Celsius. A greenhouse can be used for 10,000 yuan at a time and can be used for nearly 10 years.

Chang Yutang, chairman of Beijing Yisheng Physical Agriculture Co., said that China's agriculture is divided into three stages. Originally it was traditional agriculture. It relied on heaven to eat, then upgraded to chemical agriculture, and increased income through chemical fertilizers and drugs. Now, with the improvement of quality requirements, it has begun to change to physical agriculture, using environmentally safe physics. Technology, in the vegetable production process to assist growth, pure natural, non-polluting, to create the best state of plant growth, so that farmers achieve increased harvest.

"LED fill light, one can adjust the spectrum according to the plant growth demand according to a certain proportion, and the second is that the cold light source can be close to the plant irradiation. After continuous practice, the distance is determined to be 30 to 50 cm, and the light intensity and the illumination area can be ensured at the same time. It is highly controllable, can accurately regulate light intensity, light quality and photoperiod, and is suitable for workshop production. Fourth, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, small size and light weight. Fifth, various devices (light board, light strip, lamp) Tubes and bulbs), suitable for all types of facility agriculture projects." At present, the company has carried out cooperative tests at many places in the Shouguang vegetable base, and has achieved remarkable results. Sun Xiaojin, general manager of Beijing Yisheng Physical Agriculture Co., Ltd. introduced the relevant experts and scholars who came to visit and researched at the scene.

It is reported that Beijing Yisheng Physical Agriculture recently signed a cooperation contract with the China Institute of Facilities Agriculture and the Weifang Institute of Technology to form a team of production, research and learning, and continue to conduct in-depth research and popularization of the efficient use of LED fill light. Ding Xiaoming, deputy director of the China Institute of Facilities Agriculture, is full of confidence in the prospects of physical agriculture technology: “The technology has been used for five years from research and development to promotion. In China, the base of agriculture is larger and facility agriculture is fast. Development, this technology has broad prospects and needs to be sustained and long-term promotion.