Small Electric Poles Hide Big Heart American Towns Install Advanced Smart Street Lamps

- Jun 30, 2019-

A new hybrid street lamp has been installed in the famous surf town of Huntington, California, with 5G cellular transmitters built into its poles.


Smart Fusion Pole is a traditional design with many high-tech features, including Smart sensors that detect traffic, parking Spaces and air quality, all connected to central information points and clouds for transmission to individuals and city managers.


The lights, produced by a joint venture between philips and the American Tower Company, will be installed first on coastal highways and later in busy business districts.

The two companies made the announcement at the mobile world congress in Barcelona.While the agreement marks a symbolic step forward in the concept of combining street lighting and mobile technology, the three parties still need to work out some details, such as the date and number of installations.

The company owns the poles and rents them out to mobile network operators.More advanced networks, such as 5G, will transmit the information gathered by sensors and provide wireless plumbing for lighting control and maintenance.

Huntington mayor Mike Posey said: "we want to be a leader in the smart cities initiative, providing residents, businesses and visitors with a better urban experience and quality of life.That's why I'm excited about Smart Fusion Pole.It provides connectivity to smart cities without compromising their beauty and vision."

The exact location of the lights will depend on the network needs of mobile network operators as well as local residents and businesses, philips and telstra said.