Smart Lighting Prices Have Fallen To The Must

- Aug 18, 2019-

According to the reporter's understanding, the smart lighting products currently on the market are still in the initial stage. It is reflected in the initial control of the luminaire, with simple dimming and color temperature, which is far from the true sense of intelligent lighting. At the same time, in the terminal sales segment, consumers do not seem to have a cold for this type of product, and eventually become a single.

Among them, naturally, there are factors that are not perfect in terms of product system and compatibility, and also the problem that consumers' lighting concepts and comprehension cannot be matched. But behind all kinds of reasons, the price positioning is too high is definitely a lingering problem, and it also seriously hinders the full implementation of intelligent lighting in the current market.

“Currently, some companies that produce smart lighting products have positioned their products on a very tall, so the price of products often exceeds consumer expectations. But as an accessory manufacturer, we must understand that the current lighting market is pursuing economical and practical. High-end things have higher gross profit, but it is only a niche market after all.” Wu Jianwei, general manager of Shenzhen Rungelai Electronics Co., Ltd. said that the promotion of intelligent lighting must be civilianized, and the standard of civilians is to let prices fall.

"Taking the 9W smart bulb on the market as an example, the cost of the manufacturer should be around 20 yuan, plus 30% of reasonable profit. I think the price of 30 yuan is sent to the people. This is a reasonable one. Price.” Dr. Han Xingcheng, General Manager of Suzhou Juyuan Microelectronics Co., Ltd. mentioned.

"At this stage, many intermediate links in the intelligent lighting industry chain have just started. If the price is slightly higher, consumers can generally understand it, but I don't think it is up to the current state of exaggeration. For example, Xiaomi's Yeelight sells to 179. One yuan, Philips' Philips Hue sold for $199 (about 1220 yuan), these prices are really outrageous." Han Xingcheng said that the high price is the most real reason for consumers to wait and see.

It is understood that the current cost control of intelligent lighting still has a lot of articles to do, for example, only from the power source, if its controller, receiving and transmitting module costs can be controlled at around 5 yuan, the overall price will usher in a sharp decline. In addition, the product supply chain, supporting software, structural design, also have the possibility of reducing costs.

"Standardized modules can solve the problem of waterproofing." Chen Kai said that the company's LED street light module products have the highest IP68 protection rating, can withstand the pressure of 2 meters underwater, completely cut off the entry of water vapor to ensure that the lamps regardless of It can work normally under the conditions of high humidity on the coast or ultra-low temperature snow cover in the north.

Chen Kai said, "For the whole-street street lamp, it is impossible to achieve the IP68 protection level, because the sealing body of the whole plate type is too large, the sealing length of the large sealing body is long, and the probability of water entering is also The bigger the value, the more the advantages of modular solutions are."

The products of Huapu Yongming adopt double-coupling sealing process and pass the rigorous test of layers. In addition to the common underwater test, they can pass the boiling water test of 100 °C. In the double protection, each road must undergo the test of boiled water test for more than 30 minutes. Immediately after the cooking, cold water will be placed and the water-proof ability will be assessed by quenching.