Technology Is Getting Mature, Price Becomes A Barrier To OLED Lighting

- Jul 26, 2019-

Capacity continues to expand, with the AMOLED panel application tentacles extending outward continuously, the past is enjoyed as the unit price is too high of OLED lighting is also keen to get into the terminal market, whereas a flexible OLED panel process under the advantages of the Elastic curved surface design and size will be imported in the advanced automotive taillights market, the major European, Japanese and Korean companies are overweight expansion of OLED lighting, by Taiwan institute and electric system manufacturers together are the first type flexible OLED lighting production line also try Entering the mass production, initial capacity is about 700 pieces a month, is expected to happen in 2017 into the small production.

OLED lighting has never entered the sweet spot due to its large price difference with LED lighting. OLED lighting is expected to enter the domestic lighting market from 2019 To 2020, according to iic. Japanese and Korean research institutes also estimate that OLED lighting market size is expected to reach us $1 billion in 2020.

Recently, big European manufacturers such as Audi have joined in promoting flexible OLED panel successively. Osram, a leading manufacturer of LED, has active promoted the application of OLED panel in the automotive market.Japanese manufacturer Konica Minolta is also the first to mass-produce Flexible OLED panels on plastic substrates, with a target of 50 billion yen in revenue by 2020.Lg display (LGD) also announced that it will invest up to 200 billion won ($167 million) in a new 5-generation lighting OLED production line at The kamei plant in north gyeongsang province, and expects to start semi-production in the first half of 2017.

Different from the hard OLED panels currently used by panel manufacturers, the continuous Roll to Roll manufacturing process developed by iit can not only break through the bottleneck of effective cutting rate of existing hard panel manufacturing process, but also achieve domestic production of front-end production Equipment and materials, with the advantage of 3~5 times of production cost.

Institute lightning what acting director zhi-yi wu said, are OLED lighting small trial-produce verification platform adopts the thin glass (thin flim glass) substrate, its production equipment and materials manufacturers from Taiwan manufacturer collaboration, the current in the production process has been Completed, is expected in 2016 will hopefully finish 7 into mass production line, and well into the small production in 2017, will be the first in the world using glass process of flexible OLED panel production line.

Deputy director of the institute lightning what Hu Jiping said OLED lighting is enjoyed as the fourth lighting revolution, but the current obstacles in OLED lighting lighting technology how to provide affordable price, the current OLED lighting on the market price is still on the high side , in terms of the size of the 7 cm * 7 cm, around the price of nt $1000 ~ 3000, although at this stage of OLED material cost is higher, but with a large number of manufacturing and yield increase, the cost of production will Hopefully falling fast. Moreover, due to the continuous improvement of OLED lighting's luminous efficiency, currently the luminous efficiency can reach 70~80 lm/W, and no need for secondary optical design, OLED lighting has met the needs of domestic lighting. It is Expected that OLED lighting will be gradually introduced into the domestic lighting field in 2019~2020, and will be integrated from the application end to complement the LED lighting application.

Flexible OLED lighting has the characteristics of natural light, no glare, high color performance and curved surface design, etc., the institute said, as OLED lighting technology gradually mature.OLED lighting still has the last mile to go, which is how to connect The technology to the end application customers and highlight its technical advantages. At present, OLED lighting will expand the cooperation in the lighting industry and present the usage situation of OLED lighting in medical beauty, automobile, building materials and household market.