The British Really Will Play! Actually Use LED Lighting To Grow Vegetables In The Underground Air-raid Shelter

- Aug 01, 2019-

According to the British "Guardian" reported on September 13, the underground bomb shelter at the Clapham High Street Railway Station in South London used to provide shelter for thousands of people during World War II. After 70 years, this huge underground tunnel system has regained its youth – being transformed into an underground farm.

According to reports, this underground farm belongs to a company called “0 Carbon Food”. The company's main business is the production of rich, miniature green plants on underground farms by hydroponic methods. The process of planting miniature green plants on this underground farm is relatively simple: initially, the seeds of various plants are placed on the lignocellulosic pulp, and after a few days, the seeds are transferred to a shelf illuminated by LED light. The LED lights on the farm are bright all day for 18 hours. At the same time, a powerful fan keeps the temperature in the farm between 21 ° C and 23 ° C.


The plant produced by this underground farm has a relatively short growth cycle. Under normal conditions of the system, the plants on the farm can be harvested in only 6 to 28 days depending on the variety. The plants harvested from this underground farm will be sent to the fine dining restaurant in London in a few hours. Unlike other traditional farms, this underground farm can operate year-round. This means that a new round of planting has begun before the harvested plants are sent to the market.

It is reported that the company is expected to sell its various miniature green plants in the next month. At present, “0 Carbon Foods” mainly sells 8 miniature plants including celery, mustard, radish and other plants. "The first underground farm has grown to 550 square miles and can produce 700 boxes of plants a day at full capacity," said De Lin, one of the founders of "Carbon Foods". In addition, the company is expected to be in 2 The area planted on the underground farm was expanded to 2,200 square miles during the year.

At present, the prospects for miniature green plants are very broad. “The current development of the micro green plant market is not yet mature, and if necessary, we can change the product into an agricultural product that can be harvested within 30 days,” said Ballard, another founder of the “Carbon Foods” company. At present, our products are mainly provided to restaurants, but with the promotion of TV programs, more and more people will understand and like our products," Ballard said.