The Chinese Academy Of Sciences' New Tools For Ocean Fishing Can Reduce The Energy Consumption Of Fishing Boats By 70%.

- Aug 06, 2019-

The reporter learned from the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that after a month of offshore fishing operations in the Xisha sea area in August, on September 1, the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Electrical Engineering, the Institute of Semiconductors, and the Shenzhen Advanced Technology Research Institute The multi-COB integrated light source 300W LED lure fish lamp products have passed the sea light purse fishing and shipping test with excellent performance, and the technical and energy-saving indicators have reached the international leading level.

It is reported that the offshore electric energy of the fishing boat is all dependent on the shipboard diesel engine. The traditional marine light purse fishing uses metal halide lamps. The single lamp power is more than 1000 watts. The single fishing boat needs to install hundreds of rafts, which consumes a lot of energy and is seriously restricted. The time of fishing and the amount of fishing. The multi-COB integrated light source 300W LED lure fish lamp developed by the engineering thermophysics micro-groove group composite phase change heat dissipation technology has the characteristics of small volume, high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption and high fish attraction. It is of epoch-making significance to go fishing time and greatly increase fishing production.


Effect of light

The weight of the whole lamp is less than 2 kg, and the volume is much smaller than the traditional 1000W metal halide lamp.At the same time, the attracting fish lamp adopts the side light way, through the special light source and secondary light distribution design of heat dissipation, ensure Gao Liuming, low light failure long time lighting effect, for the most part will light irradiation to the surface, the surface effective average illuminance, irradiation and irradiation area and light on the sea fog, penetration of sea water is superior to traditional 1000 w metal halide attracting fish lamp, luminous efficiency is as high as 3 Wan Liuming.

In this ocean-going fishing operation, while retaining the original 200 1000W metal halogen-light lamps on board, 28 300W LED LED fishing lights with more than COB integrated light source were installed on both sides of the vessel.During the sea trial, the researchers compared the fishing effects of gold halide lamp and LED lamp under two lighting conditions with the ship. After using 300W LED lure lamp, the single-net fishing amount increased from 2000 catties to 4000 catties and the output doubled, indicating that the light emitted by LED lure lamp is more attractive to fish.At the same time, the fishing boat's lighting energy consumption has been reduced by 70% after replacing the traditional 1,000-watt metal halide fishing lamp with 300-watt LED fishing lamp.

This sea trial shows the excellent performance and application effect of the 300W LED fish-inducing lamp with multiple COB integrated light source. This product integrates the original technology of several research institutes of the Chinese academy of sciences and has strong competitiveness. The next step will be to enter the stage of mass production and market sales.According to incomplete statistics, hainan island alone has more than 20 billion yuan of fish lamp market size, plus other sea areas, the domestic fish lamp market size will exceed 100 billion yuan.The development and application of this product will promote the development of light fishing industry and bring significant social and economic benefits.



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