The Lamplighter Lit Up The West Coast Sky

- Jun 28, 2019-

When night falls, the city lighting and lighting facilities like firetree and silver flower dress up the night sky and become a beautiful scenery of Qingdao west coast new district.The formation of this landscape cannot be separated from the precise control of the intelligent lighting control system launched in 2004, nor can it be separated from the hard work of the staff of the intelligent lighting control center of Qingdao west coast public utilities group municipal management company.Among them, engineer ye mengshuo, with rich work experience, skillfully controls the operation of the whole system, actively promotes the upgrading of the system, and becomes the "light holder" of intelligent lighting control system, pushing the city lighting of Qingdao west coast new district towards digitization and refinement.


                                Ye mengshuo is dealing with urban lighting through the system


      Intelligent lighting control system creates a beautiful night scene of Qingdao west coast new area

Monitor closely for "dark" problems

Yesterday, the reporter walked into the intelligent lighting control center, ye mengshuo is command and control center staff handling problems."Sometimes there may be a small error in the lighting problem automatically reported in the system, and the novice can't tell at once, so I will help to have a look."After processing, ye mengshuo opened the system, carefully check the updated list of problems, and then the operating system on the display of the work order system issued a maintenance order command."The system will go over the lighting every 20 minutes and automatically report any problems."'every time the list of problems is updated, they have to hurry up to check the problems and issue repair instructions,' Mr. Ye said."Lighting facilities should be kept bright and out of use. There is no room for carelessness."Ye mengshuo said.

Authentication "identity" to achieve fine management

The "wisdom" of intelligent lighting control system is not only that it can find problems, but more importantly, it can intelligently control the operation of lighting facilities in the whole region, which is inseparable from the efforts of ye mengshuo and his colleagues.After the system realized the automatic control of the street lamp switch in the whole region, he cooperated with his colleagues and repeatedly connected with the system designer to introduce the function of lighting fault alarm and street lamp opening through outdoor illumination into the general system.

Ye mengshuo is regarded by his colleagues as an "excellent student" and one of the boosters of the two system upgrades in 2011 and 2014.The "nightscape lighting project of huangdao (west coast) tourist resort and binhai avenue", which it participated as the main force, won the honor of "2017 global peninsula lighting demonstration project top 100".

As the design participant and main operation maintainer of intelligent lighting control system of Qingdao west coast new district, ye mengshuo has always had his own ideas on the fine management of urban lighting facilities.At the beginning of this year, he and his colleagues introduced the single lamp control system into the intelligent lighting system. By providing 12 new street lamps in the area with "id CARDS", the location, switch, power consumption and maintenance of street lamps can be carefully managed.