The Lighting At Nestle's Swiss Headquarters Is Said To Be Powerful

- Jun 25, 2019-

Want to know what the lighting is like at nestle's headquarters in Switzerland?According to foreign media reports, in addition to the basic lighting function, the lighting of nestle's headquarters in Switzerland can continuously monitor temperature, air quality, noise level and space utilization rate.

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  •                                                                           (photo credit: Lux Review)

The lights are equipped with sensors that monitor how the office is used and measure air quality, including ambient temperatures and other factors.These metrics can then be used to improve the work environment and optimize space utilization.

Before installation, the new lights were tested for three months, covering about 30 work sites starting in February.To this end, Zumtobel Group installed 15 custom freestanding lamps, each designed to illuminate two work points.

Freestanding lights allow sensors close to the user to track air quality, temperature and ambient noise directly.In addition, in order to avoid the need for separate cables to transmit information, the lamps contain integrated wireless modules.

When no one is in the office, there's no need for air conditioning in the space, Zumtobel says.Especially in winter, when there are few people in the office, the air dries out quickly.Taking space occupancy into account means that relative humidity can be maintained at good levels.

Space and operating costs can be optimized based on the information provided by the lighting.Employees can even use dedicated applications to find colleagues and find vacant workspaces or meeting rooms nearby.