The Lighting Industry Continues To Be In The Doldrums, Manufacturers Need To Keep Up With Market Innovation

- Jul 10, 2019-

In recent years, due to the impact of the environment, the lighting industry continues to be in a downturn. Guzhen Lighting reported that the national lighting market survey found that most of the city's lighting market is arrogant, the transaction is bleak. Some businesses bluntly said: "This year's passenger traffic is only half of the same period last year, and last year only 70% of the previous year." This situation is nothing more than the external cause and internal cause.

External cause

The external factors mainly include: First, the economic downturn affects income, expenditure and consumer confidence, and the rise and fall of real estate is directly related to the operation of the lighting market. Second, all provinces and cities are faced with repeated market construction and oversupply.


Third, the strong rise of the e-commerce platform has impacted the market share and price system of traditional stores, and the disputes of major e-commerce platforms have made the sales channels diversified and fragmented. Finally, the rise and popularity of hardcover houses prompted real estate companies to bypass the merchants and directly cooperate with the factories. The centralized procurement led to serious polarization and it was difficult to achieve the rain and dew.

Internal cause

The main reasons are: First, the industry is slow to transform and lack of innovation. Secondly, manufacturers rely too much on the traditional operating mode of rapid economic growth, and face new situations and new consumer groups, becoming overwhelmed and even collectively unconscious.

  how to respond

The external cause belongs to the macro narrative category, and the manufacturer cannot change it in a short period of time. Based on the principle that everything does not blame, the author only explores the internal factors.

First of all, we should abandon all unrealistic illusions and have the psychological preparation for a protracted war. The market will not only end in the downturn, but there may be a continued downturn in the future. Only when the transformation is strong will it be possible to survive.

Secondly, in the face of the current situation of market downturn, we must respond actively according to our own situation. Through rational analysis and scientific planning, we should avoid rushing to seek medical treatment. You can't be blind, you can't be afraid of things, and you can't wait for death.

Third, the lighting stores should increase their support and tide over the difficulties. We must not be able to pay more attention to it, but we must combine it with the local market conditions, and join hands with the business to promote the operation and help each other. Merchants are confident that the store will have a future.


Fourth, use the market downturn to store energy. Timely optimization in store site selection, decoration accessories, brand selection, product mix and display display. In terms of personnel, we will adjust internal training and change the way of active marketing.

Fifth, make more fuss about improving the store rate and turnover rate. By optimizing product mix, improving cost performance and service quality, we will do a good job in market research and targeted promotions to achieve competitive advantage.

Finally, we must pay attention to resource integration and try to graft high-quality resources for my use and create maximum value. You can form a peer or cross-employment alliance to improve your combat effectiveness and risk resistance.


In short, in the face of the new situation, we must pay special attention to learning and upgrading. Keep up with the pace of the times, fundamentally change the thinking of business, take the initiative to attack; build as many sales channels as possible, broaden the collection; conduct big data analysis, focus on research market and service consumers, professional and dedicated, conquer customers, harvest orders .