The Lighting Market Is Highly Competitive. Domestic Companies Are In Urgent Need Of Transformation.

- Oct 12, 2019-

The annual Guzhen Light Fair opened in the ancient town and remains a bustling crowd. Lighting merchants have also used their solutions to show their style. The participating companies will change every year, but the same is still the old tradition of the Expo. These leading companies are not only Zhongshan wins the ball, Huayi lighting and other enterprises. Everyone knows that lighting, mainly to pay attention to a "decoration" word, that is to say the appearance and appearance, to win the appearance. For example, the appearance of a person, but a beautiful woman and a handsome guy who are not looking for someone to look at, why the lighting companies are indeed cover-up, twisting and pinching do not want to show face?

After a few days at the Expo, Xiaobian found the reasons for “no photo taking”. The lighting fair of Guzhen, the vast majority of exhibitors are local enterprises in Guzhen, many of them are brand-free, but there will be many foreign businessmen to participate in the fair, and the enterprises participating in the exhibition are mainly exported abroad. Exporting abroad, the technical requirements for the lighting itself are very low, mainly focusing on the appearance, or foreigners look like, they directly carry out mass production and processing. That is to say they sell foreign ministers. If the appearance of the lighting is plagiarized by other manufacturers, it will be affected. It is only by selling it. Without this advantage, it means that you cannot survive. Therefore, they are resolutely forbidden to take pictures, and others have hanged the signs that are forbidden to take photos and only allow foreigners to enter the prominent position of the booth. It can be seen that it is confidential.

Nowadays, the competition in the lighting and lighting market is becoming more and more fierce. Foreign lighting brands are also eager to occupy more Chinese market share. How long will these companies that sell foreign companies survive? These are still only in production and processing, and how to maintain a company that has not established its own brand? This requires a transformation. China is a world's most populous country and a big country to consume. Now the country has introduced many policies to support the industry. Why not choose the huge potential market in China?

Perhaps you will say that in domestic sales, it is necessary to establish a network sales channel, which requires a lot of manpower and financial resources to open the market, and it is difficult to have economic benefits in a short period of time. Lighting companies in Guzhen have been exporting. However, with the financial crisis in 2008 and the growth of the RMB exchange rate, the profits of China's exported products are getting lower and lower, and the transformation of brand building will not be carried out. Can the company maintain it? This is a thought-provoking question.

The Fair has been successfully held for 9 sessions. The name has been changed to the 9th China Guzhen Lighting Fair and LED Application Exhibition. Now energy saving and low carbon are the trend of the whole world. All the lamps and lighting products will be used in the future. LED technology needs to add more technical content. Do not increase the connotation of their own products, but blindly sell the foreign minister, I am afraid and wait for death. Just like a woman, 18-year-old Mood for Love can be mixed with young and beautiful, but at 38, 48 or even older? To improve their knowledge and self-cultivation, to improve temperament, but not all the way to the tender, very stupid, very naive, so it is irritating.

Xiaobian said a few more words here, to earn foreigners' money is good, but can not abandon its ruin and pursue foreign recognition. Like Jingshi, a partner company of the World Expo, learning NVC and Opp, it is mostly for the development of the Chinese economy and the benefit of the domestic people.