The Role And Significance Of Night Lighting Design For Commercial Street

- Aug 26, 2019-

The construction of commercial street lighting design is constantly evolving with the advancement of our society and science and technology. In the construction of urban lighting projects, the commercial street lighting project is an important part of the construction of urban lighting projects. Moreover, the commercial street is mainly located in the center of the city and is also the main attraction of urban people. For example, Beijing Road and Shangxiajiu in Guangzhou, Pudong South Road and Nanjing Road in Pudong New Area of Shanghai. The bustling of these commercial streets left a deep impression on the customers who came to spend and the tourists who played. Therefore, an excellent commercial street lighting design can not only display a certain area of a city or even a city.

Commercial street lighting design

A good commercial street night lighting has a few significant effects:

First, it can improve the image of a city block. Excellent commercial street lighting design can add vitality to a city, which can make the public feel proud, but also to present a beautiful night view to the tourists. If the lighting is too dark, the bustling commercial street will make people feel deserted, thus losing the desire to shop, and it will also make people feel unsafe.

Second, it can reduce traffic accidents in blocks, especially commercial streets. In addition to traffic accidents on expressways and urban trunk roads, pedestrians in the city’s neighborhoods, especially commercial streets, train station entrances, residential roads, and bus stops, appear to be particularly narrow, leading to pedestrians (especially Traffic accidents often occur in children and the elderly. If the road lighting in the city is perfected, traffic accidents on urban roads can be reduced by 23% to 57%.

Commercial street night illumination

Third, due to the improvement of lighting in urban blocks, the visibility of pedestrians and drivers has been greatly improved, which is conducive to the prevention of potential dangers. Good urban street lighting has greatly enhanced the security of residents, road workers, and especially pedestrians.

All in all, a good commercial street night lighting can not only reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, but also ensure the safety of the store owner and past pedestrians' lives and property, and attract more customers to visit the commercial street, to establish a commercial street and even a city. The image and so on have an extremely important role.