The Shard Building In London Was Fitted With Circadian Lighting And Staff Productivity Improved

- Jun 10, 2019-

Recently, foreign media reported that there is a "biophile" office on the 12th floor of the shard building in London.According to a study by university college London, the productivity of staff in this office increased by 20 per cent.


The office, part of the headquarters of Mitie, a UK outsourcing facilities management company, is an experimental workplace that provides staff with a space for short breaks and meditation.

Designed by DaeWha Kang Design, the office has circadian lighting with adjustable color and intensity designed to match the sleep-wake cycle to improve employee health and productivity.

The office consists of two Spaces, an immersive work environment with natural materials and two pod-shaped sections for meditation and reflection.


The office has bamboo curtains that surround the ceiling.The floors, tables and work lights are also made of different bamboo and textures.

The lights are connected to the chronometer - cool blue in the morning, white in the afternoon and warm in the evening.

Mitie employees worked at these desks for four weeks at a time, answering daily surveys on comfort, satisfaction and emotional responses.

Then, employees work around the same control area on the same floor, with similar environmental conditions but no natural design.The researchers compared their reactions between the two Spaces.

Marcella Ucci, MSC in health, wellbeing and sustainable architecture at university college London, said the pilot study, which measures the impact on staff, showed a 20 per cent increase in productivity.In addition, employees in the "biophilic" office were 38 per cent calmer and 10 per cent more focused than those in other offices.