The Study Found That Properly Designed Lighting Can Increase Milk Production

- Apr 10, 2019-

From feed sources to cow comfort, there are many factors that affect milk production.

 Recently, foreign media reported that the study found that if properly designed lighting can increase milk production by 6-10%.

 If the illume time of dairy cow shed is prolonged, so the milk yield of dairy cow and feed quantity also can increase.Studies have shown that milk production is highest when the light duration is 16 to 18 hours per day and the light intensity is at least 160-200 lux.

 Phil Elkins, director of the Westpoint Veterinary Group in the U.K.

 "Studies have shown that during lactation, especially in the early stages, a 16-hour light cycle combined with eight hours of dimmer light can increase milk production by 2 liters per day, compared to herds exposed to just 13 hours of light per day."

 Interestingly, in dry periods, the opposite is true."At this stage, short light is best, with eight hours of light recommended and 16 hours of darker lighting."

 To achieve this goal, high-quality, consistent lighting is required."For high light hours, dairy farmers should equalize the light levels in their sheds to 180-200lux.During periods of low illumination, the light may drop to 50 lux or less.