The Toxic Gaseous Mercury Contained In Energy-saving Lamps Is Difficult To Recover

- Sep 28, 2019-

The family changed all the energy-saving lamps one after another, and it broke down in more than two years. Mr. Fan of Nanping did not dare to lose it. “There is a gaseous mercury in the energy-saving lamps, and the damage to the environment and the human body is extremely large.” Afraid to harm the human body, lost fear of polluting the environment, recycling?

For energy-saving lamps, there is no effective recycling channel in the market. Therefore, when purchasing energy-saving lamps, the public should try to choose products with higher quality assurance.

Energy-saving lamps have been used for more than 2 years and are broken.

It is understood that the energy-saving lamp is 5 times brighter than incandescent lamp, can save 80% of electricity, and its life is 6 to 10 times. The rated life of a typical fluorescent lamp is 2000 hours, while the rated life of an energy-saving lamp is 3,000 to 5,000 hours, and some are as high as 8,000 to 10,000 hours. If you use it for 5 hours a day, you can use it for about 4 years. However, Mr. Fan’s energy-saving lamps only broke down after more than two years.

When the energy-saving lamps were promoted in the previous year, Mr. Fan’s family changed for the first time. Because of the good lighting of the energy-saving lamps, the incandescent lamps at home have been changed in the past two years. Since last year, the lights of the first energy-saving lamps changed slowly, and the last light has disappeared.

On the 7th, the author visited several lighting sales shops in Jiefangbei Xinhua Road. The replacement time of most energy-saving lamps was 1 year to 2 years. Mr. Fan’s lamp has been in use for more than 2 years, so it is not possible to replace the new lamp.

1 mg of mercury can pollute 360 tons of water, and energy-saving lamps can be recycled without channels.

When looking at the data once, Mr. Fan did not intend to find that there was gaseous mercury in the energy-saving lamps, and most of the high-efficiency electric light sources currently used contained mercury. According to the data, according to the size and specifications of the energy-saving lamps, one energy-saving lamp contains 0.5-5 mg of gaseous mercury. If the treatment is careless, the mercury vapor overflows, and people inhale mercury vapor. Once the mercury in the body exceeds the standard, it will harm the central nervous system. System, liver, kidney and other human organs.

When mercury vapor solidifies into a liquid, it will also cause damage to nearby soil and water sources. 1 milligram of mercury can contaminate 360 tons of water. Losing is not, and staying is not, which makes Mr. Fan guilty.

"In the garbage dump, you can often see the fragments of fluorescent lamps." In the 7th and 8th years of sales of the lamps and lanterns in Jiefangbei, Mr. Chen said that the lamps have not been officially recycled, and they are generally lost when they are broken.

It is understood that in recent years, Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries have actively participated in the recycling of light bulbs, the recovery rate reached 90%, and the recovery rate in Taiwan also reached 80%.

Some experts suggest that a complete waste energy-saving lamp recycling system should be established. We will provide certain subsidies to energy-saving lamp manufacturers, and encourage enterprises to carry out pilot projects for the replacement of old energy-saving lamps and recycling, and send the recycled waste energy-saving lamps to the hazardous waste treatment center for harmless treatment.

The quality is uneven, the purchase should be cautious

On the 7th, the author learned from several lighting sales shops in Jiefangbei Xinhua Road that Philips has to sell more than 20 yuan for a 10-watt energy-saving lamp, while the price of Opum's 15 yuan or so, Foshan Lighting, Snowlight and other brands are slightly lower. 12, 13 yuan or so. And the cheapest is only a few dollars to buy.

A boss who specializes in Philips energy-saving lamps said that there are many energy-saving lamps on the market, but the quality is also uneven, ranging from a few yuan to twenty-three yuan.

How to distinguish the quality of energy-saving lamps? "This kind of use can't be seen, but the quality of the brand is guaranteed." The boss said that general lighting stores can try, when you buy, you must try, compare with other similar products on the spot, if the light is not enough , or if the light is flashing, it is best to ask for another test or replacement.

In December last year, the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce conducted a sample monitoring of the quality of energy-saving lamps in the circulation field. The results showed that there were 5 groups of energy-saving lamps in 11 production enterprises in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other regions, and the unqualified items were Lamp power, including brands such as Ocot and Delta.

It is understood that the domestic energy-saving lamp brands mainly include Op, Philips, NVC and so on. For household energy-saving lamps, choose Op-energy-saving lamps, Opp mainstay home lighting, cost-effective, Philips energy-saving lamps are expensive, cost-effective, NVC focuses on commercial lighting.

When purchasing energy-saving lamps, you should pay attention to the following points:

First, it depends on the name of the factory, the factory address, the trademark, the telephone number, the rated current, the rated power and other signs on the outer packaging of the product.

Second, when selecting, pay attention to the location of the lamp, should hold the lamp housing, do not directly hold the lamp, and then check the appearance, the casing should clearly indicate the registered trademark or manufacturer name, rated voltage and voltage range of the lamp , rated power, rated frequency, etc.; check whether the bulb of the lamp tube is smooth and free of air bubbles, whether the phosphor coating in the lamp tube is fine and grain-free, and it is even white; the lamp cap and the lamp tube should be in a vertical state and should not be inclined; The soldering station of the lamp cap should be flat; finally, check whether the connection between the lamp cap and the lamp housing is firm and reliable. You can use force to twist the connecting parts of the lamp cap and the lamp housing; there should be no noise when shaking the whole lamp by hand.

Third, the test light is required. The light from a high-quality lamp is very comfortable. If it is irritated by direct vision, the light image of the unqualified product is covered with a layer of gray, and the color on the object will be distorted. The bulb of the lamp should be smooth and free of air bubbles. The phosphor coating in the lamp should be fine, free of particles and uniform white. The lamp cap and the lamp should be in a vertical state.

Fourth, self-ballasted fluorescent lamps (commonly known as energy-saving lamps) cannot be used for all lamps that can be dimmed. Since self-ballasted fluorescent lamps contain ballast circuits, it is best not to use them where frequent switching of the light source is required.