To Enhance The Quality Of Guests' Sleep, The Hotel Experimented With Circadian Lighting

- Jun 21, 2019-

IHG, the owner of the hotel chain, said its Atlanta airport hotels had installed special independent lights on bedside cabinets to conduct pilot studies to see how the right spectrum could help guests "maximize" sleep.


IHG has teamed up with Lighting Science to try the technology.Lighting Science says its patented spectroscopy produces a spectrum of increased alertness and attention during the day, and then easily converts it into a warm, sleep-enhancing spectrum at night.

The test lamps use proprietary technology to add and remove blue 480-nanometer-wavelength light, which is considered a key wavelength affecting circadian rhythms, to achieve optimal biological benefits.

Guests can change the lights in their rooms to blue, red, green, yellow or "active or relaxed".

Two dual-spectrum lamps are installed in each room.

Lighting helps regulate the body's circadian rhythm, or 24-hour body clock, which affects important biological functions such as sleep, hormone levels, body temperature and metabolism, IHG says.