U.S. Department Of Energy Prevents Further Expansion Of Inefficient Light Bulb Regulations

- Feb 13, 2020-

According to US media reports, last Friday, the US Department of Energy announced that it would not allow the revised incandescent lamp standard to take effect.

In December 2007, the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 was signed and people started talking about the "ban" on incandescent lamps, but this is not exactly what the bill provides. Although the government has been pushing for more efficient LED lighting, the Obama administration ’s final standard will ban the sale of light bulbs below a certain level of efficiency from January 1, 2020.

In conjunction with another change announced in September, the U.S. Department of Energy now bans stricter regulations and keeps selling old-fashioned, inefficient lighting. The US government believes that it prefers consumers to "choose" bulbs themselves, and says that LED bulbs that dominate the market indicate that no new regulations are needed. Environmentalists and others claim that this is simply not true and that incandescent light bulbs have been eliminated by law in many other places. They said the move was supported by light bulb makers who want to dump their inefficient products to American consumers.

In response, the U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Commission noted that several states, including California, Colorado, Nevada, Washington, and Vermont, have established their own higher standards for light bulbs. In addition, 16 justice ministers are suing the government over this move. In November, New York AG Letitia James said: "The United States cannot and will not be an exception to the international campaign to phase out incandescent bulbs."