US Scientists Develop More Efficient Lower Cost LED Technology

- Aug 07, 2019-

According to the NDTV website, American scientists have newly developed an efficient, low-cost LED to help promote the further popularization of LED technology.


"The newly developed LEDs may revolutionize lighting technology. Generally speaking, the cost of LED lighting is a big problem, and the energy saved is not enough," said Zhibin Yu, assistant professor of industrial and manufacturing engineering at Florida State University. Offset the high cost of LEDs. New technologies may change this."

Yu Zhibing developed the technology jointly with teams including post-doctoral researcher Junqiang Li and doctoral students Sri Ganesh Bade and Xin Shan (transliteration).

According to NDTV, Yu Zhibing used a combination of organic and inorganic materials in the development of new LED technology. This material emits blue, green or red light and can be used to produce light bulbs.

But what's really special is that its manufacturing is much simpler than existing products on the market. In order to produce the desired product or achieve the desired results, most LED materials require engineers to "stack together" 4 or 5 layers of material. The material invented by Yu Zhiyuan only needs one layer. “In the future manufacturing process, handling multi-layer materials is a big challenge,” he said.

NDTV pointed out that this research is crucial for the development of LED technology. LED technology is rapidly becoming a way to reduce power consumption. LED lighting fixtures are already on the market, but the popularity has been slow due to material-related cost and quality issues.