Why There Is No Uniform Standard For Solar Street Lamp Configuration

- Dec 31, 2019-

Because the sunshine coefficient is different in each area, the rainy days in each area are different, and the temperature difference between the north and the south is three reasons, the solar street lamp can not achieve a unified standard in each area. This also makes the price of solar street lamps purchased in each region different. This is because the solar street lamp manufacturers match different configurations according to different regions, so there is no uniform standard for the price of solar street lamps.            

Some areas have a high sunshine coefficient, so the use of solar panels with the same power, the solar street lamps in this area charge more. However, in some areas, if the sunshine coefficient is low, the daily charging capacity will be less. Therefore, compared with the areas with high sunshine coefficient, the greater the power of the solar panels used will be. In some areas, there are many rainy days, so to ensure that the solar street lamp lights continuously in rainy days, it is necessary to increase the capacity of the solar lithium battery. In some areas, there are few rainy days, so the capacity of lithium battery does not need to be so large. Just like Panzhihua and Guizhou Guangxi, Panzhihua needs less battery capacity in rainy days, while Guizhou Guangxi needs the opposite. In the south, the lowest temperature in winter will not be - 10 ℃, so the 3.2V lithium iron phosphate battery with lower price can be used. In the north, the temperature is low, so it is not suitable to use lithium iron phosphate battery. Only 12V lithium ternary battery can be used, because the lithium ternary battery has the property of low temperature resistance.