Xiuwaihuizhong's Home Lighting, Chinese Poetry Shines Into Reality

- Jul 07, 2019-

In the memory palace of each person, there will always be some wonderful scenes, the fireworks of the New Year in a certain year, the first time that TA said the moment of loving you, the surprise of the birthday of the birthday cake... These moments become our memories. The most shining star in the Yangtze River, the illusion of light and shadow makes us constantly relish, dreams have the opportunity to reproduce the scene of the day. Re-enacting these scenes, the most important is the light and the atmosphere, therefore, lighting plays a very important role.

The associations triggered by the scenes vary from culture to culture. Speaking of the desert, the Chinese will think of the desert and the smoke, think of the autumn soldiers in the sand field; and the Westerners will think of the yellow sand of the Sahara desert, think of from Alexander to Cairo, from the pyramid to the Sphinx, From the ancient city of Thebes to the Whale Canyon. This is because the Chinese people admire the implicit beauty and are more inclined to poetic and euphemistic expression. Foreigners' understanding of light is not related to implicitness, more direct and visual.

Returning to the environment in which people often live, Chinese and Westerners have different expectations and uses of light. Westerners are good at adjusting various atmospheres, and Chinese people have made life into poetry. And the emergence of Philips Smart Personalized Intelligent Lighting System has enabled Chinese and Westerners to play more and more in the use of light. We may still be looking forward to the lighting atmosphere, in fact, lighting has already made life.


Different light will bring great changes to the home life. According to different needs, the different combinations of white light and warm yellow light can also create different atmospheres and effects.

Home atmosphere lighting, Western holiday necessities

Westerners themselves have a strong perception of the situation, so in the home environment, the function of light is not only the lighting, but also the creation of the atmosphere. They like to be flat and straightforward, so in the creation of the atmosphere, Westerners express a more in line with the way the machine communicates, just as the literal meaning is easier to understand. The light formula in the preset scene of the Philips show can provide the natural scenery that Westerners love. If you are eager to feel the aurora, as long as you have a Philips show, you can use the light to create a fantasy world, and even switch the scene at any time to pick a favorite scene.

In addition to the pre-set scenes to give people a rich experience, Philips show can also reproduce the beautiful scenery of the journey, even at home, can also experience the relaxation or stunning on the road. Unforgettable beautiful scenery on the journey can be used as a material to identify the light of the scene in the photo, restore the photo scene, and reproduce a wonderful memory. In addition, the Philips show includes a variety of third-party applications (App) including "Hue Party". The lighting settings cover Halloween, Christmas and other festivals. Candlelight, fireworks and scene music together will ignite the most lively holiday atmosphere. This type of lighting is not only the creator of a simple living atmosphere, it has become part of the festival and even everyday life.


Philips show photo reading and creating a Halloween atmosphere

Reappearing the bright moonlight in front of the bed, turning Chinese poetry into reality

The Chinese follow the natural simplicity, and the light of the "poetic symbol" is not in the needs of the home environment; in recent years, with the escalation of consumption and China's increasing internationalization, the demand for light from the oriental has evolved from illuminating to humanity. And to become a daily need, but everyone gradually realized that the original poetic light can be realized.

In China, a 10-year-old child will have a “headlight in front of the bed”, but this is what light, no scholar can accurately describe the color or brightness, but the Chinese know that this light carries a trace of cold and cold Hue, mapping the homesickness of the bitterness. The Philips show brings the expression and emotion of this Chinese charm into the home lighting.

Philips' 16 million colors and intelligent controls have laid a solid foundation for replicating the Chinese scene. Chinese painting uses only one kind of ink color, but through the depth and lightness of the ink, the various techniques of whitening in the area make people think. The Philips show can only use the white light to make the scene, using different lighting brightness to create a very rich atmosphere of the literati in the room; more than 16 million colors, the Chinese home lighting life is also unique, creating Different themes and scenarios similar to the changing seasons.


Chinese scene created by Philips Show Xiuwai Huizhong and Xianyun Yehe

Another example is the familiarity of the Chinese people's "holes in the night," which is the happiness of lovers who know each other and know each other. Philips Show Use the theme of "love" to express the Chinese people's love for love, love, love, and dependence, respectively, using blue-red-pink tones. At the beginning of love, you can't always accompany each other's lovers. Every minute is full of missing feelings; blue tones are a bit sloppy, for lovers of love; the night of the cave, the moment of uncovering the red hijab, opening a love marriage And red has been celebrating the joy of celebration at important festivals since ancient times. The red hue is for love. Living after marriage, romantic and warm, and with each other. The pink hue is dependent.

Although the light is invisible, it fills our space. From the life of the day, to the life of the four seasons, to the life of culture, to the life of inner feelings, it affects the world we see. Philips show can meet your various scenes and various expressions, whether it is the Chinese poetry or the intuitive atmosphere of the Westerners, the ever-changing lighting, light, light and color change the strange environment.

For the Chinese, the emergence of the Philips Lighting Personalized Lighting System represents a revolution in our understanding of home lighting, and subtle, poetic emotions can be expressed through light. In the winter, thinking of "Peach Red Willow Green", the light in the home can bring you the breath of spring; at home, I miss someone in the distance, and there is a specific blue light to accompany you to suffer from Acacia. The Philips show allows you to bring a poetic atmosphere to your home based on your heart.