Xixia Light Show Lights Up A Different Passion In Summer

- Jun 26, 2019-

Time overflow color, like true like unreal, the ultimate romantic creative lighting festival login xixia!

Fortune mansion bright brilliance -- shining xixia "midsummer dream?Fortune mansion summer creative light show "grand opening

Let's start your dream journey together with beautiful lights!



Like a dream like illusory visual feast, a dream time tunnel, beautiful and romantic jellyfish light show, pumpkin car, time tunnel...


                                 Chinese garden light show, the most dazzling light sea

Fortune mansion beautiful garden landscape and advanced lighting art integration, when the bright lights come here, when the poetic and painting mix in the garden, it is already 1+1>2 effect, sincerely look forward to this beautiful, romantic visual feast.

                                       Love time tunnel the most romantic confession

Walk in the time tunnel of love, express your love, send the ocean of love to your beloved.Romantic love light show, let you place yourself in a love world, experience the feeling of an idol hero and heroine, sparkling lights like the night sky shining stars.


                                Colorful music piano the most childlike children's paradise

Fluorescent luster run, can be dynamic color effect, when stepping on the color at the same time.Luminous swing, Christmas tree combination, dynamic dance, fantasy forest, city lights, for children to open a dream of a beautiful children's world, leaving the most innocent laughter.

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                                   Theme light show, the most fashionable photo gathering place

Walk through the tunnel of love, run in the light, enjoy the peacock, large windmill, cartoon...Be like true be like unreal, romantic only beautiful!Take the most beautiful memories, burst the tide circle of friends!


Xixia light show

Summer is coming, cool it down with fashion!The stork river not only has the cool wind, also has the high appearance level "the net red bridge", walks along the bridge, looks at the river bank scenery, thinks all feels pleasantly!

You may have missed the meteor shower or the aurora show at the North Pole, but you can't miss the light show at xixia!Experience the ultimate light gluttonous feast, take you into the dream journey of light and shadow.